Help with my Brutus' Lead Sprinkler Tectonic Slam Jugg build

I've been making this build from scratch this season, at first making it on my own then looking at older builds that had the same idea to see what I could possibly improve upon. Unfortunately, the builds I looked at were out of date, so I was wondering if I could find some suggestions or changes I could make to make this build a little stronger and beefier. I know some of my more obvious upgrades could be to my rings and jewels, but I'm looking to maybe replace my body armour and boots, perhaps even use better skill point placement. I'll link my PoB below.

Note about the PoB:

-With my Lethal Pride gem, it isn't showing the bonuses the notable nodes get (increased fire res, crit multi, double damage chance from the Divine Judgment node etc), so it isn't calculating in the Wise Oak elemental penetration correctly. I found a small way to fix it by taking the barbarism node even though it isn't what I have right now, but it's not THAT much of a difference.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Last bumped on Oct 19, 2020, 5:27:10 AM
I can tell you a few things.

-The tree is rather inefficient and you're wasting a fair bit of passives for no good reason. Getting the 10 strength nodes on tree is good and all but those points can be spent pathing somewhere else and converting other attributes into strength. For example, you dodged a total of 33% increased maximum life and a jewel socket in favor of mana leech and misc strength nodes on tree. Mana/life leech is rather easily obtained through a jewel.

-Your configuration is all out of wack. You have all your flasks on (which is only effective for a small fraction of the fight and artificially inflates your DPS), you have power and frenzy charges on (power charges you can hypothetically get but it's unsustainable in a boss fight, frenzy is only available during maps from killing enemies), you're not set to shaper/guardians, and you forgot to tag the enemy as "Covered in Ash" for 20% increased fire damage taken.

-Some strength stackers run The Iron Fortress (Str now effectively grants 1.5% increased melee phys instead of 1%) with Repentance (Str bonuses also affect spells) and Crown of Eyes (Spell damage also affects attack damage at 150% of the original value). This basically allows you to actually get increased global attack damage and scale your flat fire from Brutus Lead Sprinkler. The massive problem with this is getting the intelligence required to wear the gloves in order to abuse this mechanic which I find moderately difficult to slot into this build. I'm only mentioning it so you have the knowledge of it for the future :)
This is what I've done personally to the build and think it's a massive improvement in general to what you had before (same damage after the config was fixed, 1.2k more life, more strength). I DID downlevel your blood rage and vaal haste because it might be relatively difficult for you to get high dex with the amount of rare slots you have left (mostly because you're using Xoph's Blood).

I did replace your shield as well with a high life + chaos res shield because it sits better defensively for your build but if you want more damage, definitely run your previous shield. You can also get an elder shield with "1% increased damage for every 1% chance to block attack damage" which starts to close the damage gap between them but not entirely.

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