Hardercore league

Discord: https://discord.gg/X2paUt5
Global Channel: 5115
Send a message in the discord for a quicker invite!

Participants so far: 40+
(Crowdfund for more slots <3)

I'm creating this league for those who want an additional challenge, but not impossible gameplay.

The only mods will be:

Increased monster damage II
Increased monster speed II
No magic or rare drops

I'm going to leave it up to be crowdfunded but I will take care of whatever is remaining.


Start date is Friday, October 23th.
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Last bumped on Oct 25, 2020, 11:07:47 PM
Wow we are approaching 20 slots very quickly!

If we push the crowdfunding a little higher I'll pay for 30 slots!

Thank you to whomever helped with the crowdfunding thus far.

edit: Yikes didn't know it refunded all the crowdfund when I added slots. I'll keep it like this and increase it once the league begins! Thanks again to everyone who helped.
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Wow what a great league so many people joining in and climbing fast!
Fixed discord link, should work now!

Extended 10 more days with crowdfund, Next goal will be 60 players!
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