[PS4] Constantly upgrading gems and equipping items

Hi, everyone!

I've sent a request to support that guided me to this thread for support.

I'm playing on the PlayStation 4. About a week ago I've faced an issue - my weapon and shoes are constantly equipping and the gems are constantly upgrading to the same level.

Here is a video preview: https://youtu.be/ITjHWq1gnbQ

Last bumped on Oct 27, 2020, 3:30:00 PM
Phantasmal shockwave totem can't level up from 17lvl to 18lvl
"Fix it soon becaise beong locked out of my wealth and my character puts a hold on me trading and bartering to increase my wealth" - Nameless Forum Poster.
That's a weird one for sure. The auto equip over and over seems annoying, but the free xp would be wildly exploitable.

If you put an empower/enhance/enlighten I wonder what would happen.
I have tbe same issue with a increased duration... i sold the gem, got a new one, and at the same level it is now doing it again... very annoying
Thanks for your reports.

This is caused by the client showing the incorrect attribute requirements for the next level of the gem, so Volley shows 29 Dex as its requirement for level 5 but it's actually 30 Dex so this will occur if you only barely meet the requirements.

We're working on a fix for this now but in the meantime you can bypass it by increasing the offending attribute by 1.

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