Swag But Homeless Gucci Hobo - Uniques Only Private League

Hello Exiles,

Me and a guildmate decided to do a private league for some fun and memes as we were pretty bored with heist, but we decided to give it a bit of a twist, Uniques Only! The general premise of this type of run is that you are only allowed 1 piece of gear for gems and can only use uniques from that point forward, often forcing build changes to make whatever uniques you have work.

This is nothing new, this concept is commonly referred to as "Gucci Hobo" with varying self imposed rules. For this private league the following rules will be in effect:

Group found
Trading is allowed and encouraged
Only 1 non-unique allowed equipped at any given time
this can be whatever you like at whatever rarity
use this for a wand craft, movement speed boots, resistances, whatever I'm not an evil masochist
No magic or Rare items will drop
Chat Channels will be /global 5993 and /trade 5993
EDIT: Jewels will be allowed under the arguement that cluster jewels are a semi integral part of the game now. as such non unique base game jewels will also be allowed, unless the majority would prefer otherwise

This is just a fun little league that we decided to make just to troll around so the player size of the league is still low, if it looks like this is something more people are interested in ill add more slots or open up crowdfunding.

League can be found here:


Stay Swag Exiles.
Last bumped on Oct 27, 2020, 10:11:51 AM
are you still accepting appliances?

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