[PS4] Group play Contract + extra Heist Target allocation

I *think* this is a bug. If it's not a bug, it's a poor design decision, IMO.

When playing in a group with "short allocation" turned on (I haven't tried permanent), Contracts and "extra" heist targets (the ones that drop from chests in Grand Heists) don't allocate. They show as if they are allocated to every player.

I would have thought Contracts would be treated like Maps (allocate to zone creator), or at *least* allocate to a single player.

The few people I play with have developed a sort of gentleman's agreement to treat those objects like maps (always allocate to the zone creator), but it would very nice if the game followed some sort of allocation rule for them, instead of them just being free-for-all regardless of the allocation setting.
Last bumped on Oct 24, 2020, 2:50:16 AM

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