Xbox is buggggyyyyyyy

Lost my job to virus.
Still locked down in Vic...
Bad storm... Blew up my Gamer PC... also media PC... TV etc etc.

Got a new 4k TV and the Xbox that dose 4k.

Was odd. But at least the game was stable.
Also last league. Was ok for SSF.
(Console trade is ... Nope)

But this league...
Death by nothing on screen... CHK.
Death by lava trap/while not standing on lava trap. CHK.

Some Boss rooms. can take 7 second to draw. (Seems Better on recent patch's)

Last 2 heist... Fell over dead... No monsters near me...
Both were a follower doorway... About 3 screens away where loot/corpse marker was...

Blood Offering from BloodBound unique.
Only seems to heal from 1 copse.

More poor me vent.
I didn't get Vaal Summon Skele gem...
Got to maps. Ran all my fragments...
Ended up Vaal a skeleton gem to get it...

LVL 88-89. Still not a single minion cluster jewel!

(Gloat. I did 6L that blood chest with like 15 fuse!!!)

Anyways. would mean a lot to get the desync fixed or whatever is up.

Last league I don't remember any BS deaths! (Tho didn't play much)

Little tips.
The quad tab is a bit aggh on console.
That touchlight new game - Has a nice target / red marker. It's a bit confusing to Poe on console with spells/range.

Last bumped on Oct 26, 2020, 3:42:45 PM
Xbox bugs go in the console bug forum, not here.
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Aragorn14 wrote:
Xbox bugs go in the console bug forum, not here.

What's the actual proper way?

I just logged into old PC account on phone...
(It's hard enough to even find/type here)

Do I work out my Xbox login?
Do I record the bugs with video on phone?

Do I have to report on the Xbox? The keyboard on that is even more painful then phone.
I see there is built in video recorder from game in that.

Or ya know. Best is just do a angry Reddit post? ;-p

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