[PS4] Cant warp to party member


I have an issue. I have been playing with my friend The Delirium league and now the new Heist league. Now in the Heist league I cant warp to my friend but he can warp to me. I cant even highlight my friend on the group menu to warp to him. In the Delirium league there wasnt any issue with this. He has allowed party members to visit hideout and he has allowed friends to join group.

I am using PS4 Pro
Amsterdam server
I am not crashing, just cant highlight my friends and warp

Any way to resolve this? Thanks!
Last bumped on Nov 21, 2020, 2:02:15 PM
Having this exact issue!! Hopefully somebody answers I've posted a few times
There are multiple reasons why this could be occurring please give some more detail so the problem may be narrowed down a bit. For instance if your character is new and your friend is ahead of you in the game you cannot warp to them if they are in a area ahead of you that you have not been to yet & is 2 spaces over on the world map. For example if you are in the coast of act 1 and your friend is in the fetrid pool you cannot warp to them because you never went to the mud flaps before and that zone is next to the fetrid pool.

If they are in the mines and you have not unlocked the mines yet from Niko I believe you cannot go into the mines with them so you would not be able to warp to player to go there. If you can go to the mines there is a case of it that you can't warp to another player who is already in the mines what they would have to do is leave go to their hideout you warp to their hideout then they talk to Niko go to mine encampment from Niko and a portal will appear for other party members to go to the mine encampment with you in the host's hideout.

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