Why does POE crash so often?

Family has 3 different computers running POE in the house. various mix of hardware across the 3. One of the 3 computers would constantly crash in heist. Specifically every second time we would enter the Rogue Harbor.

Dug a little bit through the settings on all 3 and noticed that for some reason we had Vulcan enabled on the problematic PC. Changed back to DX11 and the crashes instantly stopped.

Hope this helps some others.
i maybe crashed 2-3 times this whole league. same for previous leagues. i use DX11
I don't know if your problem is only crash or fps drops too, but either ways I solved my problems changing from directx to vulkan.

The game's so smooth now that appears i'm playing another game. I did these with two computers, one medium budget and another one with low budget and the two of them the crashes stopped and fps is so much more stable.

A friend of mine teste this change to vulkan and he said worked for him too. he has a high-budget computer but even in delirium encounters, for example, he experienced fps drops.
Bad architecture, ancient design, poor coding, lack of work ethics, no skill set - pick one.
Here's the same code except with the Delirium tag active:

Oh hey here's a blighted map

"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
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Lol apparently my thread has been hijacked by spaghetti monsters. :D
neo1987 wrote:
Lol apparently my thread has been hijacked by spaghetti monsters. :D

Pseudo-hijacked. I think crunk and the others mean well and want to commiserate with your plight but have accepted that there's probably no easy fix because the game's old, messy and fragile. There is absolutely a chance the problem is on your end -- of course! -- but there's also a chance that it's on TencentGGG's, that something specific in the game's coding just isn't able to cope with something specific in your set-up. Some might argue that that is still a problem on your end, but that then runs the risk of you changing something that'll fuck things up for your otherwise functional system.

So let's assume you've checked all your connections. Made sure all your bits and pieces are plugged in. Shit updated. And you don't have any problems with any other game. That's to say: your PC is ~100% functional except for when it comes to PoE. At that point, I think it's utterly unfair to say 'it's your computer' rather than 'the game hates your computer', which going by the 'me too' responses is probably the case.

Before I quit I noticed a lot more crashes as well, and that was during Metamorph/Blight. Nothing about my computer changed; none of my other games or programs operated differently. Obvious conclusion: something about the game had changed, OR something so tiny and subtle had changed in my PC that it would be a complete fucking bitch to discern it. And did I think the game worth that needle-haystack hunt? Fuck no. I might put in that much effort for a new game I'm dying to try, but a rusty ARPG afflicted with a serious case of feature bloat? My long-neglected steam library and PS4 collection offered a much simpler solution...

Unless you're willing to submit all your details to the tech support board, those are really your only two options (again, assuming your computer works just fine otherwise): stop playing or put up with the crashes. And even then there's no guarantee anyone will be able to help you.

Sorry, I probably should have just posted more pasta pics and gone with the joke, but I don't really find it that very funny for very long.

I mean, you have one person saying: switch to Vulkan, worked for me! And another saying, literally: switching back from Vulkan worked for me.

They're both trying to help, but...that's understandably confusing and frustrating. Throw in the obligatory 'I have no problems so it's you' responses and you have a perfectly typical thread for a forum on a game people have long given up trying to troubleshoot effectively.

I am W James Chan, author of Blackcloak: A Man of His Sword, the novel from which the PoE unique Oni-Goroshi is derived. So if you liked that, give the book a go on Amazon. I think it's pretty good -- but like Her, it isn't to be come at lightly, and it definitely isn't what it first seems to be.
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Yeah basically keep trying different things, memory manager helpers, different graphics settings, making sure temp files in game folders are properly cleaned out so as to reduce preload times, and you might find it tolerable.

There will always be crashes and sometimes they're due to really outlier shit like "oh hey this one assassin in my breach rota is using an mtx that somehow causes my GPU/CPU to shit itself" and this is totally not on you to figure out.

You pick up workarounds to further reduce the chance of dc or crash. 100% deli burial chamber marathon? Go preload the Fellshrine Ruins tileset before you start. Custom loot filters showing only 3 or 4 items make it much easier to navigate when your FPS is low. Just entering a map? You have 10 seconds or more of grace period before you can take damage - let the assets load. Conqueror packs spawning on your position causing stutter and freeze? Go slower, activate fewer packs at a time.

Baby steps and marginal gains, but sometimes it's enough to see you through some rough patches and not waste time dying or crashing and rebooting the game or losing maps.
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
Thanks everyone for your time and help - I'll try out some of this stuff!
My opinion is if you're having a crash in the game and it's "possibly" hardware related. Crank every setting down as far as you can .... like go to most minimal you can do in the settings.... if it still crashes after that my opinion is there's something wrong with the game feeding things to your computer somehow. If you go into your POE folder there's a folder called Logs, and in that is a text document that says Client... if you open that and scroll to the end you "may" see some kind of error message about your crash when it happens that could help point to something.

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