Crashing in Heists

Im working on my end game grind and out of 15 heists I've run today (all bunker), 5 have crashed. Its an incredibly infuriating experience... losing all of the loot I pick up, losing the contract, and not getting credit for the heist on the challenge.
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Same thing here
Not going to even pretend to try provide support on this one?

Crashing 33% of runs on just a specific heist zone seems highly unlikely that it's an issue outside of the software.
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Ive been plagued myself with crashes since day one. I stop playing 2 days ago because i opened a lvl 83 grand heist, had 3 exalts in my inventory + 23c because it was a 17 currency chest heist, you know how expensive those are. I was on my way out of the wing and the client just closed. It is so discouraging to do high level content this league because theres always the chance that its gona get fucked somehow. Im fed up with this league. Love the heists but the crashes have been non stop for me. Not a single patch has fixed it for me. And before anyone says anything about my pc, my pc is running a i9 9900k 4.90ghz with an rtx 2080 sli and 32gb of ram. If this issue was related to my pc, id burn it.
It's bunker and mansion heists. I've lost track of how many heists I've lost from these instance crashes. I'll be closer to 1000 instead of 750 by the time I complete this challenge. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if we didn't also lose the loot and the contract. At least in maps you just lose a portal instead of everything.

Clearly we cant even get a response from support so looks like we either put up with it or play something else. They made Cyberpunk sound pretty good with all of the free advertising they just gave. Its really sad, this is such a unique game but its free to play and they rely on players to support them, but in turn they refuse to support the players. This model wont last long and players will get fed up, I'm about there after playing for 2 seasons. I say this because I like the game and don't want to see it go away, but I unfortunately don't see any other future for this game outside of that with experiences like this.
I've crashed in 6 out of the last 10 contracts I've run. This is getting pretty ridiculous at this point. I think I'm done with the game until they get this figured out. Feels really bad to lose all that loot and the contract. Crashes got much worse for me with the latest patch.

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