Latency spikes on random days? WINMTR looks fine.

So before the last patch i started getting some really bad latency spikes, it basically makes the game unplayable. The patch 3.12.4b landed and since then for some reason i have not been having issues with latency.

Today it started again and i really have no idea what is going on, but this is what i have noted so far:

1. It seems to be based on instance, some run fine, some run decent and some are just plain unplayable, for example i did a Shaper run 30 mins ago and managed to do it, but it was a nightmare. Shaper would stand stand in one place and his beam would shoot out from another random position, just as one example.

2. I can look in the log file and find which instance i was connected to, but when i run a winMTR, i dont see any problems, other than a massive loss of packets from Amsterdam hubs, but from my understanding, that is normal.

3. Every single other multiplayer game i have run flawlessly in terms of latency and so on.

4. I keep seeing people suggest contacting ones ISP, so i did and there are no problems on their end, at least from what we could see.

5. The last 2 days i played quite a lot and i did not have a single problem. It only started happening again today.

6. I have tried connecting to different gateways, but that doesnt seem to do anything

So i really dont have a clue whats going on. Im from Denmark and my ISP is Yousee.
Last bumped on Oct 28, 2020, 7:33:02 PM

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