[PS4] Minimap keeps getting reset

Most often than not minimap is reset after I leave and re-enter the map. It happens after death, getting a portal to hideout, Zana mission or Vaal side area. The instance is NOT reset, as I can see dead monsters, loot, etc.

I think the whole issue started after some patch in the current league. It's really frustrating having to rediscover maps. Does anyone have the same issue?
Last bumped on Oct 30, 2020, 7:13:59 PM
I had that issue a while ago, possibly even during Harvest. First whole maps were revealed (like Heist) then it changed to how yours is now. I would avoid all content that would make me leave the zone until it was the last thing I could do. Because as you said, discovering it all again is really frustrating.

Not sure if you use a custom filter, but while I was experiencing this issue my custom filter could not be loaded. As soon as the issue with the map went away my filter was again able to be loaded.

The only thing that changed for me was 2 weeks a few more challenges I'd completed, I didn't do anything else and it miraculously resolved itself.

Found the original thread about the issue, dated Jul 25, 2020.
Yeah, the same issues as stated in the original thread - now I remember I also had fully visible minimaps at the start of the zone for a while. And indeed, now I cannot load custom filters. Although I think the filter problem appeared some time after the minimap issue. Anyway both problems are very frustrating, as well as having to scroll all the way down in options to change a filter.
Both problems (minimap and filters) disappeared after reinstalling the game.

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