Heist can't get through open door.

Running a contract for/with Kurai, the Administrator in the Mansion level 82 Texas Realm. I came to a door that needed to be picked. 2nd door that needed picked I believe. As I attempted to click on the button above the door to have her pick it my character walked right through the door. Once the door was picked I was teleported back to the original side of the door way and now that the door is open I cannot walk through it at all. But Kurai and my golems can. I tried going back through the escape route and back into the mansion but it would still not let me walk through that doorway.

Just got lucky I think. I went all the way back through the portal to the Rough Harbor and then back into the portal and back into the mansion and it let me go through the door.
Last bumped on Oct 28, 2020, 6:27:27 PM

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