GGG: Clarification on Macros pls!

So I read a lot of Threads and Posts and it all sums up to be uncertain as hell. So pls can some1 from GGG give Clarification about which Tool and Macro is NOT resulting in a ban from POE? PLEASE!!!

Would like Infos for:
Autohotkey Macros "TradeMacro" "TradeCompanion"
Stand Alone: "Awakened POETrade", "PathofBuilding", "YoloMouse"

other will prob chime in with other Tools.
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Hi there! I've PM'd you about this. :)
Any way this knowledge could be public? lol.
Starpurge wrote:
Any way this knowledge could be public? lol.

the only answer he got is that --> GGG don't whitelist any 3 party program / macros as such and they don't recommend that you use any because you can get banned.

The closes you get to a GGG reply, is the guide Sarno made and that GGG refers to / indorse.....
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