Extremely bad latency in some instances (Europe, Gateway doesnt matter)


I hope this is the correct place to adress my issue - if not please tell me how to adress it appropriately.

Since last Sunday 25th of October 2020 I have latency problems in some instances that renderes these unplayable. I tried to play one and my char died to it (lvl 97 SC) - its sometimes multiple seconds freeze and than ultra fast forward. It effects heists, maps, rogue harbour and even the hideout.
About every 3-5 th instance is affected and it doesnt seem to matter which gateway (in Europe) I use.
I started a new character to test it, and it also affects the tutorial.
As I can spawn a new instance of the same zone there with no cost it is less of a problem (in maps, heists, etc. I always loose the invested map, contract).
In all my testing the new zone always immediately solved the problem.
But if I try and go back in a still open zone wich had the problem on first entering it is still there.
So I think it might be a problem between the gateways and some servers/pods/clusters or within specific server(s)/pods/clusters themselves.
Would be great if it could be fixed, as I would like continue playing my lvl 97 char.

Last bumped on Oct 29, 2020, 5:02:34 AM

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