Whirling Blades

How does the use time of Whirling Blades function? How does it depend on the attack speed of the weapon? I am updating the wiki and I would like this information.
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I too am finding that WB is getting caught on EVERYTHING. I've died several times now in the 1-month league because I would get stuck on a stray piece of geometry.

Given all the lag we've been getting, I can't tell half the time if I'm lagging, or just stuck. Most of the time, I'm almost better off not using this at all and simply trying my luck by wading through a mob of enemies.
hey guys just wondering does weapon range effect the range of whirling blades or is it a set range?

sorry if this has been asked befor
i am wondering : Why doesnt base attack speed on daggers do anything to whirling blades attack speed, i mean it is the same if u have 1.2 ias base on dagger or 1.45. it only get affected by added %IAS from tree/craft/and regular ias stats. shouldnt u change it, so if u have a faster base-dagger u actually whirl faster ?
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A scant few Attacks have fixed base Speed; from memory I can recall Leap Slam and Whirling Blades. Sweep used to function this way too, but that was changed.
It's really more of a body movement than a dagger swing. Makes sense to me that it doesn't scale with your dagger's base Attack Speed. Worth noting: local IAS on your weapon still stacks multiplicatively!
Hi there!

Looking through the forums, I realized that Whirling Blades (WB) is probably the most controversial movement skill at the moment. This prompted me to think about the skill problems and how to solve them.

1. What does the current skill offer?

- Instant movement
- Indirect damage mitigation
- Spammable
- When combined with Fortify: easy to permanently keep up the buff
- When combined with CoC: comparatively save and fast way to land crits on multiple enemies

- low DPS (except with CoC)
- travels a fixed distance
- very sensitive to object collision
- low requirements to be used effectively: In section 2 I will explain why this is a big "Con"

2. Which Problems does it have or create?

The fact, that there is a spammable instant movement skill which requirements are basically a dagger/claw/1H Sword and nothing else brings several problems:
- for movement alone, it is better than any other movement skill
- when being used as a way to deal damage it still easily competes with the other skills
- this results in lower build diversity (more daggers/claws used and less maces/axes...)
- as a main skill, it is used by casters, not the melee characters it was designed for

3. What the Improved Version should be like:


- useful as a damage source by itself
- should favor typical melee characters
- only a main skill if build for it (skill tree and gems, not merely equipment)
- only spammable as a main skill

4. My Improved Whirling Blades Version:

1. Possesses Stacks like a Trap
Reload Time ~2,5 seconds (2 uses): this way, it is not spammable if you do not build for it

2. Travels at a fixed speed to target location - regardless of Attack Speed

If both cooldown and traveling speed would be different between builds, the skill would lose all viability as a pure movement skill. It is therefore the same for all.

3. Attack Speed acts as "% More Damage" instead:

Since the animation will not be faster, it is necessary to implement this to keep the multiplicative nature between "increased Damage" and "increased Attack Speed".

4. "% increased Attack speed" stemming from the skill tree and support gems is doubled
This way "building" for it, rather than just "gearing" for it, will make the skill viable and give melee characters an advantage in its use. The bonus increase does not include "more Attack Speed"

5. "increased Attack Speed" and "increased Weapon/Melee Damage" increase Reload Speed
This will make it spammable for those who build around it.

What do you think of the idea?
Please be so kind and leave a feedback :)

OK I will make it short. I hate the mechanic of this movement skill, I always die with this skill when it gets stuck when the character sticks to an obstacle. I have a Trickster, Shadow and I have the ascendancy passive skill the removes the mana cost of Movement skills. Whirling blades is my only offense, and I swear whirling blades should not get stuck wherever you click while you use whirling blades.

I suggest that you change the mechanics of movement skill gems and make movement skill "SLIDE" when you use a movement skill when you stick to an obstacle. Right now when you stick to an obstacle you WILL get stuck and get raped.
Sorry for my bad english.

I read adout Whirling Blades on wiki, and some questions left about dual wielding:

1) If i have 1 'usable' (dagger, claw, 1h sword) weapon and 1 'unusable' (mace for example), are all hits dealt with 'usable' hand?

2) How 'local IAS modifiers' of each weapon affects 'use time' in cases of 'usable'+'unusable' and 2x'usable' weapons
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Why it still not nerfed? WB much better then any ANY movement skills and three times faster then anything.
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