Whirling Blades

Yeah, as I levelled this became more and more useless for damage.

Now it's literally just a mobility skill (which is faster than phase run).


You can see how fast it goes there with just 4 frenzy charges and a faster attacks gem.

It DEFINITELY fails to hit everything in its path. It is pretty clearly causing major desynchs, as I can see my damage occasionally happening many seconds after I did it, or getting popped back to a previous location. Please fix this cool ability.

A damage buff and slow down with a reduction in the portion of the animation spent recovering would be very much worthwhile.
DW Claws or Dagger need an AoE skill. I thought this was going to be it, but I suppose it's more mobility or a 2h or 1h/shield skill, as long as it doesn't hit with both weapons at once.
This skill is just a terrible version of leap slam (costs lots more, doesn't travel as far, deals far less damage).

The only upsides are that it's delay is far more end-oriented (more delay after movement, less delay before movement) than leap slam, and seems to have a smaller cast time (although I haven't measured how much faster)
I suppose it may sorta have a large AoE too, but more-so just a different AoE.

Leap slam was already absolutely terrible for DPS purposes, and giving 40% damage penalty to this skill makes it that much worse. That's not all though — give it to a character who's very-likely (most likely?) to be dual-wielding, resulting in even less effectiveness, since this type of skill is mostly useful for 2-handed weapons.

aimlessgun wrote:
DW Claws or Dagger need an AoE skill. I thought this was going to be it, but I suppose it's more mobility or a 2h or 1h/shield skill, as long as it doesn't hit with both weapons at once.
Yeah exactly. I was hoping and expecting for the same thing.
dagger/claw AoE is really important, but they just throw it away on the only skill that had potential for that — it's kinda sickening.
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Very low DPS compared to other skills. At this point I just use it as an escape skill.
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It seems to be the best mobility skill, you can't reasonably expect it to be too useful for damage.
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Will the increased AoE support gem work on this skill? I'm thinking it could make it actually hit things.
This should be the drop at level 1, and the damage adjusted for Shadow. It's entirely too damn painful to level a melee Shadow with the pathetic Ethereal Knives and Fire Trap for AoE. Double Strike is also extremely weak in comparison to Viper Strike. Why you would use it instead of VS is beyond me.

EDIT: Oh, I see. IT doesn't work as an AoE skill very well, either for claws and daggers. I guess I'll just have to level a Duelist and get Lightning Strike, which is a STRENGTH skill, to have a useful AoE skill for a Shadow, or any character that uses claws and daggers.

Hey, it's okay. Clearly you don't want us using those weapons based upon the way skills work. I wish you would have let us know before basing an entire skill tree around a character that is neutered because there are no AoE skills using their weapons of choice.
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tested today with a new shadow and it seems you cant hit more than 3 enemies in one strike.

tested several times with more than 3 enemies (even just random barrels) and it always only hit 3. bug or intended (which would suck)?
This skill has a great visual style, but the damage is totally underwhelming. Needs to do more damage, I think.
halfdead2 wrote:

imo this attack doesnt hit everything in its path. ive crossed several enemies and not everyone got damaged (accuracy already factored in).
and what would be the purpose of IAS on this gem if it would hit everything on its way regardless?

i have also run into this quite often using this skill. it's quite irritating

also, using this skill many times in quick succession seems to cause major desync issues - with where your position is calculated and where the monsters actually are around you.

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