Whirling Blades

The last big patch nerfed WB. It was just 10%, so it's next to nothing really, but there ya go.
18% increased atack animation >.> that will do but it rly feals how the skill is rather then the atack animation its the fackt that whereever u click on ur srean u get a set distance u move to and on other movement skills like flamedash or leap slam if u click on the edge of the screan ur character fist walks in the direction to get in range to preform the skill and Whirling Blades just go in the general derection
So with the restrictions of WB's weapon capable of using WB, on top of the nerf. if you are a caster you most certainly will not want to use this skill at all.

Suggestion could there be a way that you could make WB convert cast speed to attk speed so this skill will become viable again for casters?

It doesn't have to be 100% conversion either just something so those that wield diggers have a great skill to use for there fort proc that isn't slow or they won't have to pick up attk speed or faster attacks to gain the mobility it used to have.
maybe an attack is not a caster thing maybe a spell or something
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So what you are saying is that a Blade vortex Elementalist elemental damage build should never have the opportunity to warrant a whirling blade movement skill right gotcha. and yes i know there are those that do run it but they still need to invest in attack speed in any form.
Yeah, pretty much. If you don't want to invest in making an Attack Skill useful, don't use a fucking Attack Skill. It really is that simple.
I loved WB from the very first in Beta, but am using it increasingly less, for the following reason. I don't particularly care for the intricacies of balance questions, I don't thing it needs buffing or nerfing, yet I do, however, believe it could and should profit from serious help in pathfinding (or, as a corrolate, the way in which map debris is implemented). More often than not, I find that utilizing WB results in me standing still and getting beaten upon. It turns out that the slightest obstacle -- most of which are invisible to me -- hinders WB from generating at all. I wish that WB, like most of the movement skills have or should have, would have some degree of pathfinding that let its user move to the desired destination, or close to it, by going around small obstacles. As it is, it is a great skill, but one which because of the way that most dungeons are built I cannot use with pleasure.
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I would suggest to make WB more user friendly.
I like to suggest to modify it's mechanics in such ways as we know:

1) Like when we clicking on area which are behind obstacle character goes around obstacle via shortest path to it.
2) Like Leap Slum, if distance is to far, character comes forward, and when distance OK procures skill.

WB doesn't have distance limitation, so mechanics i suggest will be as follow:
When Target area isn't in filed of vision character via shortest route will go to Target area ( 1. The same like character moves around obstacle by left click), and once Target area in field of vision it will procure WB skill ( 2. Like Leap Slam).

That way if you stuck at obstacle your WB would be still working, trying to go around obstacle first and then procure skill (unlike how it is now NOTHING HAPPENING)!
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Whirling Blades is an outstanding movement gem, so I switched to using daggers. 10/10, absolutely meta.

It leaves Lighting Warp in the dust, even when Lightning Warp is supported by two gems.

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Just curious if this is slated to be fixed any time soon. I realize it's only been 4 and a half years and it's certainly not a priority skill, but eventually I would like to use it.

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