Whirling Blades

I bought a Rigwald's savagery from trade and tried to use it with my Ahn's might for dual wield. Before on standard, I have a character who has the same items and can use Reave and Whirling Blades as my main skill and movement skill. I'm just wondering why can't I do the same on Betrayal league. Are there any changes on the mechanics of Whirling blades?
Tooltip attack time is meaningless bullshit. I don't even bother to make a gif.

The build with 0.95sec WB (old) attack time now feels faster than before.
The builds that were in the old 'comfortable speed' window (0.7-0.85) are a lot clunkiest now.

You can't use WB with Rigwald's Command and Rigwald's Savagery anymore because fuck basic game mechanics, if reddit said 'kill statsticks' it must be done no matter what.

I'm disappointed and frustrated by the new WB speed.
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Since the update, I meet a problem with Whirling Blades. at the end of the race, there is often a recoil movement so that we come back to a position between the starting point and the intended end point.
It is particularly painful especially when one has the habit of using this displacement to dodge or to leave a group battle too danguerous. it is assured death.
In addition to all the applied nerfs, it is to ensure that the players have no more chance of xp and it is more than abusive!

Please, fix this.
This skill feels bad to use:

1) No aoe so is kinda crappy at hitting anything: way too often I'll whirl right through a pack with no hits (100% hit chance btw).
2) Gets hung up on anything: besides the usual pebbles or whatever, inside dark interiors there's often clutter in the way that I can't really see.
3) Can't bridge gaps.

None of the above is a problem with leap slam. Are daggers/claws really that much better than swords? I'm using swords, so I was testing both whirling blades and leap slam. Please don't nerf leap slam, it feels good to use. ;)
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Can whirling blades become a gap jump if you have max returned blades from venom gyre?

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