Whirling Blades

Britannicus wrote:
This skill has a great visual style, but the damage is totally underwhelming. Needs to do more damage, I think.

i think it just needs to take into account both weapons' damage values together when someone is dual wielding
This skill doesn't hit every monster you pass through.

I tried lining up many monsters (5+) and when moving directly over all of them, I would typically hit about 2. My CTH is 91%, so it's not because I'm missing the hit.
This skill may as well not do any damage as far as I'm concerned. What little it does, especially when dual wielding is completely negligible.

What it was useful for, however, was jumping over all the skeletons/zombies to get at the Necro mobs that kept rezz'ing them back up.

The animation delay at the end got me killed a few times because I couldn't chain the skill fast enough to move twice in row.

My suggestion would be to remove Swords from the list of weapons that can use it and leave it purely as a Claw/Dagger skill that actually gets a damage boost if you are Dual Wielding.
I dont think it does + life on hit too, might have been my lag, but my life sat the same when I tried it out a few times. Definitely needs more damage/delay reduced
nevermind I think the problem is just it not hitting/the lag problem
I agree with everyone who has mentioned the desync issues, the inability to hit monsters, and the very, very low damage.

I tried using this as the main AOE skill of a dagger/shield shadow over the weekend, making it through all of act 1 and some of act 2. My dagger + elemental hit + wrath would kill most enemies in one hit, but when I saw a group, I'd always try to use Whirling Blades. I mean, the whole point of the skill is to finally give claws/daggers an AOE skill so you don't have to single-target down everyone, right? Well, I could drain my entire mana ball twice over rushing back and forth through a group and still have one or two left standing at the end, whereas single-targeting the group would take < 15 seconds and only about 1/4th - 1/2 of my mana.

Part of the problem which hasn't been mentioned yet is that the skill gives 60% of base damage at L1, but then only adds in physical damage on level up (IIRC). As a result, all of the elemental damage I could add in to my attack became basically useless.

This skill is a cool skill that gives great mobility, but in order to be useful it needs 1) to do better damage, and allow for better scaling w/ elemental damage, 2) not cause desync issues, and 3) to actually hit all the monsters in its AOE -- or at least hit at a rate comparable to your accuracy. This skill is urgently needed to make claws even vaguely useful, so please prioritize it.
We all thought this was going to be whirlwind. We all want it to be whirlwind. Why can't it be whirlwind?

We have enough movement skills. Phase run, flicker strike, leap slam, lightning warp, shield charge... they all work similar to this. Give us whirlwind!
I used this with Dual strike equipped with claws. I might swap DS with Fliker Strike instead.

Also lol at the notion that people would want to hybridize their builds when it's player base is so knowledgeable on maximizing build efficiency and effectiveness. "You get to customize EVERYTHING." Yea...only if it works.
it could be nice to only do 60% of your physical damage, letting you do all the elemental damage nice and balanced so you dont get OP mana/life leech

I also think the limit of hitting is 4 times, I got 4 pots in a row :)
Here is a build that works with WB...

You use WB and Fire Trap; seriously, place your 3 FTs in a triangle and then lure some monsters over to it. Then proceed to whirl like mad over said triangle, thereby keeping the monsters in place while both confusing/damaging them with WB and burning them with FT.

You can even use spell daggers...

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