Whirling Blades

This skill may be bad for melee but it's absolutely fantastic for casters! It makes it so easy to dodge out of the way of incoming fireballs and suicide monsters, and makes kiting enemies so much easier. That's on top of just being able to run around the map faster. A shame that lightning warp can't work like this.

And for the people who don't like the delay after the attack, what is your attack speed? This skill can get pretty darn fast with a faster attacks gem and some attack speed bonuses.
People have made several good points about the mobility uses of this skill. If it should be a mobility-only skill, that's fine, but then claws and daggers will need a new, damage-dealing attack skill.
It's a nice skill, and very cool looking. I've added some ice damage and increased chilled time to it, then I use it to go through enemies and freeze them. Also to charge towards a caster or archer behind enemies.

Only problem is that it seems to not hit targets properly. I made a test here, with some vases that for some reason I couldn't hit:
A bug has been discovered with this skill - it was alternating weapons even in cases when you weren't dual wielding - so if you were using a shield, or just had nothing in your off hand, you'd deal no damage on half the hits. This is fixed for an upcoming patch.

I'm still working on tracking down some other weirdness with it's target selection.
On that note. Have u made any considerations regarding making it a "dual wield-(able)" skill??? The whole alternating mechanic makes the skills LESS worthwhile using with dual-wield weapons, since u will Always have 1 weapon doing more damage than ur other weapon. This effectively means u will always deal less damage using 2 weapons insteed of just 1... -(leaves ur offhand free to use a shield with no penalty to ur damage and therefor totally removing any reason to use 2 weapons(i know about 10% ias and dualwield block, but anyone doing the maths will come to the same conclusion as me)) - while shields are cool, i really cant understand why u dont give this skill (and possibly some of the other "alternating" skills the same mechanic as "cleave" ... that would enable me to actually considder dualwielding outside the pure "dualstrike" build.
I just want to say this skill transformed how I play my rapier Shadow. The mobility factor is extremely important; it's essentially a short-range teleport around, through and into the melee.

If I die, it's because I've not correctly used WB now. I love zipping around a group, double-striking the weakest, repeat.

It's almost like I imagine Flicker Strike *should* have worked, given it lets you move through enemies far quicker than they can react.

The damage is negligible. It's a nice little chip to get things started.

My Shadow went from carefully disentangling groups to pick the stragglers off to assessing the same group, Whirling through it and then methodically despatching one mob, Whirling again, repeat until surrounded by corpses.

Yes, Leap Slam could SORT of do the same, but nowhere near as stylishly and if I'm not mistaken LS has a bit more of a pause upon landing thanks to the stomp effect.

Whirling Blades is just what my rapier Shadow needed.

If only we had weapon-switch; then my wand-slinger could use it. But that's another discussion for elsewhere.

Tweaks might be needed, but I think this is a worthy skill.
I am W James Chan, author of Blackcloak: A Man of His Sword, the novel from which the PoE unique Oni-Goroshi is derived. So if you liked that, give the book a go on Amazon. I think it's pretty good -- but like Her, it isn't to be come at lightly, and it definitely isn't what it first seems to be.
I use this skill as an excape. However this skill is the sole reason for any rage I have with this game. I will be fighting a group of mobs and use this to excape, only to be warped back into the middle of the pack. This frustrates me to no end. Please fix this. At lvl 59 this skill alone is not letting me reach 60.
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ptt_frmr wrote:
We have enough movement skills. Phase run, flicker strike, leap slam, lightning warp, shield charge... they all work similar to this.

I take this back. I have now learned the intended (?) purpose of this skill, which is to be the PoE equivalent of teleport. It's much better than lightning warp, shield charge, flicker strike and leap slam, because it is much much faster. With enough attack speed stacked, you can fly across maps (and mobs), just like teleport used to work in D2.
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Rehash of problems:
1)Buggy Targeting
2)Low Damage/High Mana Cost
3)Poor Scaling

1) Excellent Mobility/Repositioning

1)Hit all targets in path
2)Dual hits /w dualwielding at penalty (ala cleave)

My suggestions:
1) Modify max range based on %move speed (+20% move, +20% max range). Slow/Snared targets won't be able to panic out, while fast ones maintain relatively higher mobility.
2) Make it be considered an AoE with radius setting the attack width. This will at least let one use AoE passives and supports.
Finally tried this skill for the first time since they implemented it... I LOVE IT! I don't care how much damage it deals.. it is an awesome way to jump to caster X or archer Y or move from mob to mob and pinpoint exactly what you want to stab your daggers into the back of... LOVE IT

reminds me of Renekton's Slice&Dice for anyone who has played LoL...
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