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xenogfan43 wrote:
After I picked up blood magic on my ranger (around 19) with bear at 5 and fire at 6 they no longer 'worked'. I could cast them, they'd be down on the ground, but the enemies that walked over them didn't trigger them anymore.
Traps have only one life, so couldn't afford to pay the life for the spell. This is now fixed (traps/mines don't have to pay any cost for skills)
Bulkathos wrote:
Does attack speed effect how fast you put traps or i need cast speed ?
Neither, you need Trap Laying Speed.
Zarondd wrote:
So is this considered a stun effect? In that case does increased stun duration/reduced threshold make it more effective?

Zarondd wrote:
If not, then does the increased skill duration support or passive increase the hold time?
starsg wrote:
1. Is the opponent able to see the trap laid on the ground?
Opponents can see traps as they are thrown, and while they are (the short animation they play when they land). While they're arming, the traps can be destroyed by area of effect damage skills.
Once the trap is armed, it's invisible to opponents.
When the trap is triggered, it becomes visible (and destroyable) during the trigger animation, however it triggers quickly enough that someone would need really, really good reactions and cast/attack speed to kill a trap between it triggering and getting the skill off. Or maybe just luck.
starsg wrote:
Traps have two method, hidden or bait. I would suggest a "Bait" support gem for traps only.
This sounds interesting - please elaborate on what you mean?
Malice wrote:
I have noticed the animation for throwing down a trap (with a duelist) is a bit off. He does the throwing animation, and then the trap flies out after the throw motion is complete. Looks a bit funny and makes it hard to use against something like a charging rhoa, since that extra delay lets the enemy reach you before the trap arms itself.
Which animation does this occur for (i.e. what weapon combination are you using)? I can't see anything obviously wrong in the contact points myself with a quick look.
Malice wrote:
Any weapon combination. After reading this I tried a whole bunch of different weapons (dual wielding, club & shield, staff, two-hand sword, etc.), it happens for all of them.

Look at this video, one time the throw animation doesn't play at all, another time the throw animation plays but the trap animation doesn't play (invisible trap).

Then you see super slo-mo of trap only flying out at the end of the throw animation. Seems to mee they should both start at the same time if it's going to look sensible.

Linky to video (2.5MB mkv)
Sorry for taking so long to reply, had a lot to do, and been a bit sick.

This doesn't happen for me locally on my work machine, which leads me to believe it's latency-based.
The trap is created (on the server) and begins moving at the contact point in the throw animation (I have confirmed this works correctly). However, it won't show on the client until it's been serialised there and the client knows about it. On my local servers here I have basically no latency, so there's no delay.
If this is the reason for the delay you're seeing, then there's really not much that can be done, I'm afraid.
It's not an attack (skill which deals weapon damage) - anger and wrath only add damage to attacks.

The skill used by the trap is technically a spell, because it's not an attack, but it deals secondary damage, rather than spell damage - that damage is the equivalent of the explosion damage from Infernal blow - damage dealt by your character as an effect of a skill rather than directly.

Since it's physical damage, Hatred applies to that damage. Since it's not an attack, Anger and Wrath do not.
Currently, the trap leeches the mana (or life). We may change this in future, it's not fully decided yet (at least so far as I've heard).
Yes. Bear trap is not dealing spell damage, and is not affected by increases to such.

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