Bear Trap

ignite works if it dealt fire damage
weapon elemental doesn't work as it isn't a weapon.
blind and flee works.
crit gems work.
culing strike works.
penetration gems work if the added element gems are used.
same for cold to fire, requires hatred and/or added cold.
reduced mana and bloodmagic works.

and finally stun may or may not work, its not an attack yet its not a spell so might still work.
Thanks. So Added Fire Damage combined with Ignite will allow Bear Traps to cause Ignite?
or crits too, but yes.
Coming from a level 40 Hardcore Ranger I must say one thing(I can not speak for any level higher than this), Bear Trap is over powered by quite a bit if you stack physical damage. When my friends and I want to kill anything quickly we run up to it and spam bear traps at its feet. My build is(very defensive)

Not sure what else to say other than maybe if I didn't have two of them(thinking about getting a third) it wouldn't seem so crazy, damage wise. I will also note that I do have all an physical damage Bow on and the Broadstroke quiver(30% extra physical damage).
When levelled up fully, this skill does crazy single target burst damage even unsupported. In public games I see it used as a single target burst dmg ability far more often than a control/utility skill with a damage component.

For some crazy reason the chaos damage given from The Covenant is higher on Bear Trap than all other skills. 83-125 added chaos.
Bear Trap has 150% damage effectiveness.

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aethernox wrote:
Bear Trap has 150% damage effectiveness.

+1 thx :)
So after readying this thread lets see if i got the information correct.

If I want to increase the damage of beartrap I...
...can not use...
spelldamage nodes/items
spellcrit node/items (chance and multiplier)
phyiscal damage nodes
attackspeed nodes/items
increased aoe nodes/items
% damage on weapons

...can use...
the support gems with added fire/lightning/chaos/cold damage
the burning nodes when I use added fire damage
the trap/mine-nodes
some rare unique items with added damage (chaosarmor and phys. dmg belt)


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