Bear Trap

Not a big fan of Traps so far in general.

Like the previous posters, Bear trap barely holds anything longer than a second or two on regular mobs, much less mini-bosses.

The biggest gripe I have is that it is extremely limited. I was partying with my friend, a duelist, who is the same level as me, and he kills things in two hits with his swords.

I, however, have to toss all three bear traps and a fire trap to kill ONE mob. Then, I have to wait about 7 seconds until I get even one trap back.

Really? If its going to be this long, that trap better keep things for at least 5 seconds and do 3x the current damage.

Same gripe on the fire trap....took all three fire traps (including the nearby +fire skill passives I took), and a bear trap to kill one mob.

I suggest either raise the limit of traps you can have to 20, but only active to about 5 (to prevent easy spamming), or keep everything the same but speed up the trap making so it only takes 2 seconds to make a trap.

I gave up traps when the gem went to level 3, and I was doing about 1/3 the damage at 3x slower the rate of killing compared to my duelist friend. =(
It looks like the crit damage support works with this, so we should definitely see some sort of crit chance for it, or else it's just arbitrarily increasing the mana cost
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It would be cool if targeting an enemy with a trap would lead the target - having to do this manually with an archer feels more challenging than it should be given the rather poor performance of traps (and that's in a situation where you're experiencing absolutely no lag.) Currently throwing a trap at a moving enemy is useless - when the trap lands, the enemy will no longer be at that location.

Edit: Nevermind... throwing traps at enemies doesn't make sense, in retrospect.
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Give the trap a "life".
And to set free, the target have to destroy the trap.

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i decided to move to bear trap because fire trab used magic damage but bear trap was worse then fire trap... I always forget to traps because there so tedious.
Does attack speed effect how fast you put traps or i need cast speed ?
Bulkathos wrote:
Does attack speed effect how fast you put traps or i need cast speed ?
Neither, you need Trap Laying Speed.
soo i can place traps with 2 hand weopon and with one hand weapon with the same speed ,thanks
starsg wrote:

Give the trap a "life".
And to set free, the target have to destroy the trap.

I like this idea a lot.
I was really looking forward to making a "Trapsin" style build but the traps, both fire and bear, just aren't strong enough to be the main focus of a build currently. Now this might be by design but they are still relatively weak even for a supporting role. They are great for the first difficulty but after that they seem to just lose effectiveness. Still using them but avidly looking to replace them with totems.
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