Bear Trap

It's not an attack (skill which deals weapon damage) - anger and wrath only add damage to attacks.

The skill used by the trap is technically a spell, because it's not an attack, but it deals secondary damage, rather than spell damage - that damage is the equivalent of the explosion damage from Infernal blow - damage dealt by your character as an effect of a skill rather than directly.

Since it's physical damage, Hatred applies to that damage. Since it's not an attack, Anger and Wrath do not.
starsg wrote:
Mark_GGG wrote:
starsg wrote:
1. Is the opponent able to see the trap laid on the ground?
Opponents can see traps as they are thrown, and while they are (the short animation they play when they land). While they're arming, the traps can be destroyed by area of effect damage skills.
Once the trap is armed, it's invisible to opponents.
When the trap is triggered, it becomes visible (and destroyable) during the trigger animation, however it triggers quickly enough that someone would need really, really good reactions and cast/attack speed to kill a trap between it triggering and getting the skill off. Or maybe just luck.
starsg wrote:
Traps have two method, hidden or bait. I would suggest a "Bait" support gem for traps only.
This sounds interesting - please elaborate on what you mean?

A few suggestions on support gems linking to this gem:-
1) non-active bait support gem:-
cast a non-active bait, that will lure in any
target when linked to trap/mines gem. Requires decoy
totem to work in-conjuction with.

2) active bait support gem:-
cast an active bait, that will lure in any target
when linked to trap/mines gem. Requires a
zombie/skeleton/spectral gem to work in-conjunction

note: have to becareful with "remote mines" & "trap" support gems that linked to other main gems. It may be over-kill in that case. Also note that the 2 main skills when you linked them all together. If to complicated, just remove the skills the "work in-conjunction with".
non-active = no movement/attack.
active = alive.

3) trap life support gem:-
a) Trap now have a life when triggered. Target have to destroy the trap in order to be set free. Reduce damage deal to target.

More to add

4) Snares support gem:
A binding rope that extend outwards from the trap.
Any target that get caught by the rope, is
wheeled into the trap. (may requires 2 mouse click)
note: also please make it works with "Lesser and
Greater Multiple Projectile".

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My DoT specialist build is actually having some luck in Chaos with the immobilization effect. It seems to last a couple seconds, even on high HP rares, and that's all the time it really needs since you can just throw down another before the duration is up. I'm using this combo:

I'm guessing my skill duration and/or buff/debuff duration bonuses are also helping quite a bit, in addition to the extra damage from added fire (since the damage done in relation to total health seems to determine base duration). I'm only using a level 11 Bear Trap and getting significant immobilization time against the highest HP mobs currently in the game. I can't wait to see how it looks at higher levels.

The only down side is it removes some DoT from Puncture due to immobilization, so I have to make a decision on rares about whether to kite and let DoT do its work, or trap and stand my ground. Ah well, having another weapon in the arsenal is never a bad thing.

Edit: adding my new video, in which I bear trap enemies quite a bit.
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totally agree with others who have said this skill would be more useful if it was primarily intended as a long duration immobilize. the duration of immobilization on this seems to be pointlessly low.

i also agree with the feedback that zoning should produce a full stack of traps, not a 0 stack of traps.
The normal duration is low but with a leveled increased duration support gem it is pretty good. I would like to see more nodes that allow players to pick up more traps. I can understand limiting totems to one addition but limiting traps to one addition really discourages their use.
I agree with the idea to give traps life, and only when the trap is destroyed, the target is freed.

From the monster AI scripting side of things, basically it would be a case of making the threat of the trap the highest while they are rooted, so that they attack that first and free themselves?

This could make things quite interesting in PvP, also...
Do buff/debuff duration passives/Temporal Chains effect the duration of the stun? Also, you said the trap technically casts a spell - does this mean it's affected by spell critical passives?
Just going to leave this here...

Without Diamond Flask:

With Diamond Flask:

This is without righteous fire and a lot of damage given up for survivability. Should get one more level on Bear Trap soon, which will take the damage up about 3k dps without flask.

I routinely 1-2 shot rare mobs in maps, and can do about half of merciless a2 boss in one volley with a diamond flask. Also, vulnerability is 25% MORE physical, and the quality on the gem could be a bit higher.

I love this skill.
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pneuma wrote:

I love this skill.

Heh, you managed to boost it FAR beyond my 10k dps with templar. Btw, iron will does nothing on this skill even if it visually increases it's dps (assuming you're using it). Mark confirmed that earlier. Still, that tooltips damage values are correct, just the dps doesn't match.

It may always be they changed it with latest patch though, I don't know. Or You just have two INSANE wands/daggers in use.
I confirmed that I am still in HC league. Then I died.
Just your everyday Pain Attunement with 2x Redbeaks and some crit.

That's Bear Trap + Add Chaos + Add Lightning + Add Fire (as you can tell from the colored letters on the icon).

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