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xenogfan43 wrote:
How long does it make them flee for?

Does this have some kind of diminishing returns, can it be applied again if a 'fear' is already active?
There is no duration, and flee effects are not 'active' for a time. If the chance to flee triggers, that monster immediately starts a flee action away from the the thing which hit it. It is not 'locked into' fleeing for any length of time.

xenogfan43 wrote:
Does this work with totems/traps, and if it does, what does the mob flee from, the player or the inflicting trap/totem?
The totem/trap.
Magic monster have a 50% chance to avoid fleeing for any reason, rares and uniques have 100%
sekasi wrote:
I can more or less confirm that this gem has no effect when it is attached to 'burning arrow' skill.

Over the course of three hours, I didn't notice the effect once. And it's not just a visual thing, monsters were totally attacking me just as normal.

Just thought someone from dev land would like to know :)
It's definitely working for me.
I'm very surprised you're not seeing fleeing with burning arrow, since that also has chance to ignite and many (not all) monsters will flee when ignited as well.
EmptyPalms wrote:
I currently have Skele > Totem > Chance to fear and it works according to the skill icon, but do they also get the 25% chance to flee from my boots or do I only get that benefit?
You're wearing the boots, not the minions, so you get their benefit.
Rayshan wrote:

Or does it behave like flee Random(0, 10) meter?
Similar to this. Fleeing is to a location, or until something interrupts to prevent them getting there, not for some duration.
Taking damage does not cancel fleeing.
Being stunned will, since being stunned cancels any action other than in special circumstances, but just taking damage won't stop a monster from fleeing.
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Thalandor wrote:
Oh also, please indicate the flee duration in the gem description, thanks!
There is no duration. They flee. That's an action they do, not a status that lasts for a duration.
When they get to where they're fleeing to, which is a random point away from what they're fleeing form.

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