Chance to Flee

Definitely agree on putting a visual indicator on fleeing enemies.

This, please.
So I take it this doesn't work on players?
Is there any chance that will be changed in the future, or is it going to be a wasted support in PvP?
I have this on whirling blades.

Can't tell if it's working at all, tbh.

I'd love a visual indicator for the effect... an animation would be better, ofc. ;)
does chance to flee proc when used in conjunction with minion skill gems? (raise zombie, raise spectre and summon skeletons etc.)
I never noticed it working. I had the iron ring, and I tried testing it, monsters would turn around but I didn't know if they were running because they were low on life or what. I think it's mostly just a confusing skill, there is no visual for it or sound effect that it occurred. This and blind are probably some of the most underused skills in the game. I think if these things were added you'd see it a lot more and people would play with it
I would like to suggest changing the tooltip on this gem to say that it only works on skill gems that do damage as it does not work on curses.
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Is this working at all ?

I have the gem hooked to Split arrow, together with Lesser MP and Fork. That's a lot of arrows flying.

The gems says 30 something % chance and still, with all that arrows I don's see 1/3 of the monsters running away from me. They all seems to shamble around trying to attack me as usual ?

About the "duration" - if you assign random points for monsters to flee to, each point closer or farther away, then in effect you made the skill with random duration - some monsters flee for more time(further away) some for less (closer points), equals random duration on flee. Also you can have something block the monster from fleeing, further diminishing the effect of the skill.

I would be much more consistent and useful if you just drop that pretend "duration" and use a real one - that duration can increase with the gem level, just like the % to flee.

And last - just put indicator over the monster's head. That way we can see if the skill works, if it works at all.
I use this support on an Arc gem and I see the mobs flee pretty consistently. They just basically wander in a random direction as opposed to hi-tailing it away from my character (as you might assume "flee" to mean).
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I have a question regarding how this support functions with poison arrow. Will things that walk into the poison cloud also be made to flee or does it only affect the mob that was actually struck by the arrow?

Also, +1 on the whole visual indicator thing.
Procs such as Chance to Flee only trigger on Hits. Damage over Time does not Hit.

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