Chance to Flee

2x equipped Blackheart grants total 20% Chance to flee;
1x Wake of destruction grants total 10% Chance to flee;
I have puncture linked to level 20 perfect quality chance to flee in my Al Dhih's sockets (59% + 10%).
Results: total 99% chance to flee against common enemy.
Am I correct?
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That's how procstacking works, yes :)
now if only enemies would drop loot when fleeing >)
Dogs Summoner -
Should work on rares again, else its just usless gem since you dont care about white mobs and even blue ones have 50% to avoid it ;(
I would love to see the chance to flee based on the life on the enemy, and maybe a 50% resist for rare mobs and immunity on uniques
Rares having immunity makes this a lot worse than it needs to be. I'd up the proc rate if rares are immune; 44% isn't worth it if it's only for trash that on average dies in 2 blows.
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I´m currently playing with viper strike and a flee gem linked to it.
My gear is crap as usual and Im not even close to high level, its sometimes good because most stuff only needs 1-2 stacks to die if I wait, so I dagger them once or twice and go to the next one.
Sometimes flee triggers on it and that synergizes nicely, but after all the chance is too low and the effect too neglectible(if this was the word I was thinking off ...) to make it more than "ah that seems logical, guess this makes sense" kind of thing to me.
I could as well use increased AoE on my viper strike.

Considering how annoying it is to have humanoids running away when on fire, and considering how not-awesome it is to build a charakter around this gem, I´d also say it needs a buff^^

PS: If there was a mechanic, that made puncture viable without high initial dmg, that combination could work.
Anyone here been able to try lv. 1 CwDT + Firestorm + Chance to Flee? Sounds like a good way to keep adds off your back while you focus on the boss.
Slightly mixed feelings.

Against normal mobs, the flee mechanics is one of the strongest defensive mechanics in the game, and has some extraordinary potential to enable various types of builds - puncture builds are an obvious candidate, but I would also include some more "mechanically exotic" builds.

Unfortunately, the diminishing returns on the flee mechanic (culminating with rare/unique monster's complete immunity to it) make actually building around it completely futile - the time you need it's excellent defensive qualities most, it can't work.

I think the mechanic needs to be modified to work (in a fair manner) against all mobs, as it would make building around flee possible. I'd suggest that each rarity type should have an additional 25% chance to avoid fleeing, and 25% reduced flee distance - so magic monsters would have 25/25, rares would have 50/50, and unique would have 75/75, making flee a viable mechanic against bosses on builds that actually build around it - using the gem and dual Blackhearts w/skills that generate a lot of hits.

If the flee mechanic was changed to work on all monster types, I'd suggest significantly boosting the mana cost of the gem (from nothing to 140-150%), and then (if needed) modifying the chance to flee to be "fair" when used against unique. In addition, I'd suggest adding an "increased movement distance" support gem - aside from being a nice support for whirling blades and cyclone, it could affect flee distance, allowing users to further build around flee (at the cost of an additional support gem slot).

I'd quite like to see flee get some sort of buff (even if it's not what I suggested), since low-level flee uniquess (Blackheart's and Screaming Eagle) could suddenly turn into game-long build enablers.
Couldn't seem to find the answer to this, but does Chance to Flee trigger when the monster is hit or when you cast / attack? So would my GMP Puncture have 5 flee-guaranteed arrows or could any amount of them cause flee?

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