Chance to Flee

Oh my god this mechanic is so stupidly op. Heavy Strike/Chitus gloves with 10 attacks per second vacuums mobs before the can reach their flee point.

The biggest problem with the gem in its current state is quality is a 60% increase to gem effectiveness and no one sells this gem with quality because not a single other person has found it to be useful.

I don't know if I should exploit this interaction this as hard as I can and profit or take satisfaction in knowing I nerffed the worst gem in the game.
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Oh, you're right! Huh. I distinctly remember reading the exact opposite :/ Must be going mad.

Exploit it as much as you can. It sounds like a fantastic way to make Vaal Cyclone muuuuch safer too; VC being a do-or-die Skill is always one of its biggest issues. Heck, just Cyclone itself with Emperor's Grasp and a Knockback Quicksilver flask would probably be extremely safe too with a Flee gem attached (but that works fine without Flee all the same...).
when a rare trys to flee it is pulled next to me and can't escape but it still trys to flee wile I bring down its health.

Wiki page says Rare Monsters are Immune to Flee. Was this recently changed?
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Hmm nice thing there,
And i went here to give a use to this gem but...
Flee doesnt work on RARES or UNIQUE monters and that is a ew on the gem ...

My suggestion is to use this as a support to support char ...
Chance to flee and taunt...

"Taunts cause an affected enemy to focus aggro – spells, attacks and movement – on the character that inflicted it for 3 seconds. Taunted enemies deal 10% less damage to targets that aren't the source of the taunt"

So the benefit ofc is not the taunter but yes the guy who needs to be supported...
Lets say Chancge to flee aplies to monters normal or magic
Chance to taunt on RARES and Unique only (with this gem equipped ofc)
so at lvl 1

25% chance to flee
10% taunt on hit (+0.5% per lvl)
Making it at lvl 20

44% chance to flee
20% taunt on hit

About quality would be instead
+1% flee per quality
0.5% per quality
lvl 20/20

64% chance to flee
30% taunt on hit
Maybe a few chars that benefit from taunt could use this instead of a warcry ...
I once regret not bringging a warcry with me just to agro the mosnters to me, cause my friend is a spell caster and is squisher than me (tank)

Maybe is a good for this?
What do u guys think?
This gem would be great if it has reduced effect like curses on rare+ mobs, instead of total immunity. It has great synergy with bleed and seems like a really fun support skill.
i don't know how long this post has been out there and I can see that it might be going nowhere :p

yet, I thought that the chance to flee effect deserves some attention as the game is evolving. and when I read the fleeing section in poe wiki I realized that it would have been an easy fix depends on the wording

"""Fleeing is a mechanic that causes enemies to attempt to run to a random point somewhere away from the player until they reach a certain point, are interrupted, or are unable to reach their selected point and give up."""

in other words it has a destination and a duration. which also means these modifiers could be used for magic and rare monsters "like rare monsters will choose a destination 80% closer for a duration 75% less before they give up kind of thing" instead of total immunity "resistance is still fine" specially that this game is more about one shotting normal monsters and freezing / stunning / cursing .... magic, rare and unique "if possible" monsters.

no point in fearing what you are going to one shot and not having any effect on what u really care to kill. unless this effect is meant to be applied with a weak totem as a defensive mechanism which is a little retarded.

the only problem is if all types of monsters can flee. that means with a certain build u can lock monsters permanently since this effect does not seem to have any restrictions as the freeze or stun which indicates that this game will also need some restriction to be applied like the stuns relation to maximum life. and it is logical that a monster wouldn't flee if u don't hit him hard. because ,why would an attack be scary if the hit is weak. and in such a case we have the problem that chance to flee did not get enough attention over the time and lacks the modifiers like "stun threshold" and such which will make it much harder to apply fleeing. but I think it's better than "impossible to apply" as it is now.

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Would enjoy building with the flee mechanic, but the resistance/immunity makes it feel worthless.

It makes sense that you might use the immunity mechanic specifically to keep mobs away from the rare/unique you're fighting, but that really limits the usefulness of this as a full gem.

If fleeing was just made to have diminishing returns or even temporary immunity based on mob quality, it MIGHT see the light of day.. but otherwise, seems like a wasted database entry to me.
I was interested on doing a bleed/chance to flee build since it sounds good to make monster move so the bleeding applies more dmg. But since Unique and rare monsters are inmune to this effect the gem is almost useless. Just remove the gem and use the data entry for something else or revamp it to adjust to modern POE.

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