Post your best find of the day!

I was super lucky today.
Bought 50 fuse, because why not.
Got this in 47 fuse.

Had 3 fuse left over and got this.

Say goodbye to my RNG for the rest of my life.
Just killing merc Kaom for the sake of it:

Dropped white and spammed a few alts on it.

"Best"? No. But funniest. I'm doing a pyramid run and in ONE room, I found 6 pairs of rare Conjurer's gloves. Then I found a pair of Embroidered Gloves. I have found no other rares in the pyramid yet. Did the Pharaohs have a thing for gloves?

And the Voll Overlord just rewarded me with a Bitterdream

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Corrupt train continues to roll.
1K Pretzel Eating Team.

Fake Temp League Elitists LUL

Just regald the manaleech on this sick amy

Pretty good!

Vaaled some random shit I had in a league I don't play. Eh?
^your name when I read it just gives me so many memories of "the wire".. instantly.. friggen LOVE that show. Incidentally, from 1 shrine map:

POE is life. POE is ♥.
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i think it is cool for mf char

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