Post your best find of the day!

i think i just found my league goal :smoke:

dropped as is and was unid'd for a long time 'cause "bad" base Kappa
You Only Level Once d:-D*

new shield.

First ever piece of a piece of a mirror

And another first:

First time I've ever encountered one of the premium fossils sense they were released - neat.
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Level 41 weapon, hope I have the same luck once I'm done levelling and get rolls like this again.

Some garden metacrafting was done here, cannot lie.
Close down the "Feedback" section. Stop pretending you care about feedback outside of reddit.

[3.10] Double DoT Toxic Rain Trapper:
[3.10] The Forgotten Gem - Stormbind Hierophant:

Interested in selling.
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found this recently not sure what its worth only found one similar on trade for 20 ex
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Sense a few others have shown off their harvest crafts...

Very happy with how that came out - might try to get that res up to T1 once I get some a goodly amount of add/remove cold or light stored up but its done for now. Linking it was a bit of a nailbiter - down to my last 9 fuses.
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