Arctic Breath

Hahahaha, that's awesome :) Thanks!
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Hojirozame wrote:
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Could somebody post a video of this skill in action? Guess it might be difficult if it's so leggy /-:

Just something quick I did up, not sure if its any good...

I would love to hear back from the ice-crit witches as to whether this is better than Freezing Pulse.

Ice crit mage here, don't have it fully leveled up but from my experiance it seems to be some sort of middle ground between freezing pulse and Ice Spear. As in one is only useful for short range, other for long range. Artic Breath seems to do well at both, like others have said you can still shotgun with it.

One thing I have noticed is that it has a lower base crit chance then FP and IS so maybe it won't be the best for crit based iced spellcasters.

I am a frost witch @ lvl74 and have been testing the Arctic Breath as a main skill and also as a totem support.

I have come to the conclusion that in its current form the skill is almost redundant as it doesn't perform well against Freezing Pulse or Ice Spear respectively.

The main reason being that the projectiles do not pierce. The reason this is important is because with the lack of pierce the ground frost is basically useless. No mobs ever walk into it & it really serves no purpose but to lag the game (as mentioned by others).

Sure I could use a pierce gem but that seems like a waste of slots just to get a spell 'working right'.

My idea for the spell is either let the projectiles pierce at short range & only explode at longer range, much like the Ice Spear does currently with its 2nd form OR let the projectiles have 100% pierce but with no explosion & then up the damage of the ground frost.

As it stands I don't see why anyone would use it over FP or IS unless they just like the look of it.

EDIT: I would just like to add that the flash on the explosion is also very bright and when used in conjunction with GMP it can be quite fit inducing. Should maybe come with a warning ;)
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similar to summoners, this is banned from parties because of insane lag.
lv 52 Marauder named Banzilla, bloodmagic ice caster (yep thats right, a tanky caster and i love it ) anyway... i dont know if its a bug or not but i was using ice spear and frost wall before and casting FW next to me and shooting IS thew the FW and hitting mobs, but only when i cast FW right next to me would it go thew it. Now with arctic breath i try to do the same thing and it does not go thew the wall, however the the trial of frost does, i dont see how the frost trial would still be going if the spell hits the FW and stops. Plus i really wish the whole spell would go thew like ice spear does cause thats how i really enjoy this build so much on mob bosses i can take them down and never get hit if i work my frost wall right.

and i do see a lot of lag when in groups and this spell is used, hope that can be fixed or its not going to be a fun spell and will have to only use it solo.
Presumed it would lag bad. Same will probably happen if or when they make a tar skill. The ground effects are horribly intensive (fire being slightly better.)
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I can't help but wonder why arctic breath doesn't create flaming fireballs that create firey paths in their wake... :D

What if Arctic Breath had some added pushforce on it, compensating for its lack of pierce?
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anubite wrote:
I can't help but wonder why arctic breath doesn't create flaming fireballs that create firey paths in their wake... :D

What if Arctic Breath had some added pushforce on it, compensating for its lack of pierce?

you know what, this make a lot of sense. knockback due to over-sized ball of ice. and this skill kinda IS the ice version of fireball, with a little difference of the trailing.
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1. Lag only when used with LMP/GMP.
As its single projectile form, it doesnt lag.

lag = sudden spikes in the FPS (F1 button), the FPS suddenly drop to ~10fps or even a single digit.

2. AB mana cost need to be lower if no change to current skill form.

3. As the name apply Arctic Breath, with the word "Breath", one would assume it to be cast from mouth; a constant jet of cold/icy breath at the target at a limited range (target die of "bad breath"). What i meant here is shouldn't the skill be like using a Flame Thrower?

A) only then, i think it make sense and the skill would be more different and viable to use.

B) if it was to use as a Flame Thrower way,
- the projectile need to be replace by skill duration (how long you can "spill out the breath")
- the range is to be shorten, below that of the mid-rnge FP and the long-range IS.
- the faster projectile support gem can be retain as the support for it, like the way FP it work with. But care have to be taken to avoid too much range.


All in All, this skill form need a re-work and also the FPS spike it creates.

if the skill form is retain as it is, pls rename it, as its too misleading.
Try something like Arctic Wave.

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I don't think this spell brings enough "fun" to the table. It isn't unique enough compared to freezing pulse and ice spear, which both do similar things, but remain unique in their own way.

Specific suggestions:

Add one of the following effects to this gem

Knockback while Frozen: If you freeze a target or hit a frozen target with this spell, the 'glacier' doesn't disappear when it does damage. It keeps on going, pushing the effected target a distance proportional to the projectile speed of the breath. Projectiles slow down while pushing a target. If a projectile pierces, it cannot push.

Frostbite: Reduces fire resistance briefly to targets on hit or gives them a chance to be ignite by fire damage from OTHER spells for a short duration on hit.

Bounce:Arctic Breath projectiles bounce off walls, dealing reduced damage after bouncing.
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