Arctic Breath

Arctic Breath should be reworked into a Cold damage channel skill that actually looks like "Breath attack". The typical AoE Cone attack you see in other games. We really don't need another projectile Ice attack. There's Ice Spear, GC, Frostbolt, etc.

Or, make it a big Ice Skill that homes on the target (like Necromancer's Bone Spirit in diablo 2). I think that will make Arctic Breath way more interesting than the current state.

The current version is too similar to Fireball. We don't need another projectile that explodes on impact. Make it either a Channel Cone, or a Channel that shoots out Skulls semi-randomly or a Homing Skull that follows "nearby" target.
The last change to Arctic Breath has been made in 2.4. Since then it has been abandoned by the entirety of the community since it's just not viable. Are any plans made to change that fact, or is this skill just going to be forgotten?
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The old arctic breath is brutal if you can knockback pin things against a wall with the overlapping aoe explosion. It wrecks Kittava because he is a wall. Mechanics wise it sounds like it's kind of going from to Kinetic Blast Tornado Shot. I'm assuming AoEs can still shotgun?
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