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I just came back from my holidays, crunching my head over some comk build while I was bored at the beach, calculating around, logging into the poe wiki whenever I had wifi and free time of my wife, calculating more, building builds to a point where a finally had a build which.. "eventually" would be a good/cool cast on melee kill build that got me realy excited to play it in the leage.

But now, because cast on crit was op.., it just got slaughtered with it.

Why do you need to nerf a Gem which was already kinda bad as hell and totally underused ? ;( ;( ;(

So if I understand it right.., if I kill 3 mobs with my Aoe attack at once, all I get is 1 single cast of whichever spell I like ? o.O Because.., casting 3 spells after managing to kill 3 mobs with an 3-4 Link attack is.., overpowered ? ...
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How fast will CoMK proc?

If I wade into a mob and kill all 12 of them with a single blow, will my CoMK proc 12 times, or just once?
It's listed in the description: 250ms cooldown for CoMK Spells.
Vipermagi wrote:
It's listed in the description: 250ms cooldown for CoMK Spells.

Ahh, yes, I didn't bother looking at the skill - because it's not in my inventory and I've never used it due to the fact that it (seems to) suck.

Alas, with the last few updates they seem to be going out of their way to make all skills suck, especially for melee builds (except for EQ, of course).
In my opinion it is high time to make COMK either work on its own or be reworker/removed.
For some reason I dont understant this gem received nerf despite being already weak and underutilised.
In the past it has some unique usage thanks to being the only trigger gem which had less restrictions in regards to cooldown or being able to trigger multiple copies of the same spell.
This is no longer the case.
It's design is fundamentally flawed.

There were concerns that making it work on its own would make it OP.
Then why did GGG release Ngamahu's Flame? This is exactly the same thing: you use one 6l for the main skill to make it powerful and you have another 6l in the weapon to make aoe clear better.

But there's more to it. Ngamahu's flame dos not require the player to kill monsters in order to trigger the effect. Which means that gems in weapon directly improve DPS on the main target.

In other words, even if COMK worked autonomously Ngamahu's Flame is still more appealing.
Same goes for Mjolner by the way. Maybe to less extent since Mjolner has less gem slots.

There's literally no reason to keep COMK in current, poor state.
Nothing here
I feel that Cast on Melee Kill not only needs a buff to its cooldown but also a buff to its targeting system. Currently Cast on Melee kill is pretty terrible, as it was even before its undeserved nerf. But the single target potential isn't it's only problem. Another problem is that it targets from the direction that you killed the enemy instead of at the nearest enemy. This makes it terrible unreliable with skills like Arctic Breath and basically forces you to use an AoE skill like discharge or ice nova. I tried using flame surge with it on 100% chance to ignite cyclone but the targeting system just ruins the possibility of the build working out.
Here is a good thought experiment: compare COMK detonate dead to infernal blow.

Even if you ignore the two gem slots you pay to get COMK and DD, COMK DD is worse.


Because infernal blow applies a debuff and can be triggered by its own secondary effect with no cooldown. COMK does not. This sucks. It double sucks that you get the same damage bonus as CoC but you can't kill bosses sans writhing jar. It's just really crappy at the moment, and the 250ms cooldown makes it even more dire. I used to regularly do COMK builds that could at least clear maps but now they're so bad as to be embarrassing.

Pls buff gem : (
i think that CoMK needs 2 kind of buff:

- CoMK em has to buff even the initial hit not only spells.
"Supported Triggered Spells have (20-39)% more Spell Damage" have to become "Supported Skills have (20-39)% more Damage".

- the Raider threatment: a xx% chance to trigger on hitting unique/rare monster.
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Can I use multiple sets of this at once? For example:

Cleave > COMK > Molten Shell
Cleave > COMK > Blood Rage

Will MS and BR proc simultaneously? Is there a shared CD?

What will happen?

I found my answer...

"A single attack skill cannot be supported by multiple trigger support gems"
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