Cast when Stunned

Cast when stunned needs a buff.


1. Multiple copies of the same skill don't trigger. This is counter intuitive for spells like summon skellies, raging spirits, wither, blade vortex, etc.

2. 50% Trigger Chance creates extreme inconsistency. It kills any utility uses for the gem. If passive stun builds are a problem, make it so that CwS prevents leech of gems cast or simply give it a huge damage nerf.

This was a really cool support idea, but it's far to ineffective at the moment to warrant building something around it. Which unfortunately, I just made the mistake of doing.

For perspective, the build was a high block % with multiple copies of the new Growing Agony jewel (2% increased viper strike attack damage per poison stack on enemy). The plan was to use CwS to proc blade vortex with poison support. Unfortunately, even at 50% block chance, I've only been able to get about 5 up at once.

I'm sure you'll agree that an investment like this...

should yield more reward than what is currently given.
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Since CI has become more mainstream and price of chayula skyrocketed, i decided to make a cast when stunned CI char (no scolds cuz hard to acquire + if i don't want to buy a chayula I certainly don't want to buy a scolds also i'm playing league)

It's pretty OK. Sucks ass against some bosses or slow mobs that attack like once a year, but a lot like most block builds u dont really have to worry much against giant packs being dangerous due to block + vaal pact leech.

Just gotta invest into single target links, just the way I like.
Tried linking flamedash with cwdt and this and dash never triggers.
I tried without cwdt, same. The tool tip and inventory show the gems linked. Worse even is that with cws linked, even cwdt doesn't trigger the dash (it works without). I tried changing the order too (dash before, dash after).

Any idea why?
SPTX wrote:
Any idea why?

A given Skill can never benefit from more than one Trigger at a time. That's all there is to it.
Nice skill to use with Tempest Shield.
Another setup would be Cold Snap + Elemental Proliferation, can save your life if you get yourself surrounded by enemies.

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