Animate Guardian

Kendo_PoE wrote:
Am I to understand that when AG is active, all my minions get this dmg bonus ?

Of course not. The Guardian skill gem has that bonus, meaning it applies to everything summoned by that skill - which only includes your one Guardian.
Ok, thanks. The wording seemed weird for a minion with a limit of one.
what i would love for this skill is if instead of just consuming items it brought up an inventory like display where you could see what gear it has currently equipped along with basic stats for the golem, then you could drag items from your inventory onto the golem to see what effect overwriting the old gear would have in terms of numbers before you commit to losing the old gear, currently i try to keep track of what it has in a spreadsheet and constantly tab in and out to see if any gear i find might be an upgrade or not
Has anyone here tried to equip it with Essence of fear gear? +%increased minion life/damage.

Im trying to see if it works giving all my minions inc life, or even at least to only the guardian.
But the problem is i cant see stats, im new to necromancer things, really cant see if an changes happen.

Also the scourge claw, does it gives my other minions 70% inc minion damage the same way, or the attack speed. If yes, does it double bonus if dual wield?

If not, why leer cast works and these bonus from essences do not?

Please help this noob necromancer.
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"Minion Damage" (etc.) apply to the user's Minions. Your Animated Guardian has no Minions, you do. Giving him a bunch of Minion stats won't do anything, but The Scourge can net him a bunch of Increased Damage that way...

Leer Cast applies to all Allies in range, not just the wielder's Minions.
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Ty so much Viper. Was thinking that no one would come here giving info for like a month. =)
This Skill should get boost ASAP, i forgot when ppl actually used it in the past year.
I have a question. Do Blacksmith's Whetstone and Armourer's Scrap provide any benefit to AG equipment? I did an google search and couldn't find any info.
extradeer wrote:
I have a question. Do Blacksmith's Whetstone and Armourer's Scrap provide any benefit to AG equipment? I did an google search and couldn't find any info.

Of course. :/ The Guardian equips targeted items, and Quality improves said items.
As someone who's never cleared the 2nd difficulity, im speaking as someone with no mapping experience, but here's my suggestions and feedback of what I like about this gem.

- Since it is Strength gem, shouldn't an Animate Guardian only build be possible, as opposed to just massing minions?

- In order to balance this for necromancers, add a new jewel. This would morph any strength nodes nearby into Animate Guardian only-nodes.

- There are no skill tree nodes that improve Animate Guardian. Would it be too much to ask to have some strength nodes for AG right below the Scion starting area?

- Alone, with no other minions, an AG-only build would be significantly more weaker versus massing it with other minions. Maybe some kind of way to specialize Animate Guardian off other minions to scale off of your stats, or at least from strength, to make it more unique, but not overpower other summoning builds?

Some AG unique ideas:

- You gain another copy of AG. This AG has 100% gear and stats of your primary AG.
- Soul Link: Damage between your AG(s) and you is shared.
- A unique weapon that has 4 sockets, 1 for skill and 3 for supports, that the AG can use once equipped.
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