Animate Guardian

A threshold jewel that would let the animate guardian use ranged weapons could be interesting.
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Anyone know if it can use Crown of Tyranny (the socket buff) or the new unique gloves accuracy buff?

Lvl 91 Necromancer here, i think the guardian is awesome is pretty unique gem and its cool to build it!! but it has a problem imo (a big one for me) i cant take him everywhere even with his insane hp pool (22k hp right now) i cant make him do shaper, he might be fine but sometimes he just will stand and eat the whole shaper ray while my convocation is on cd, or he will go out of the buble while zana is protecting us (i have no control after i used my convocation and even with plenty of reduced cd its still 3.9 seconds to use it again, more than nuf time for my guardian to step on something while recieving the ray to die)

i think its cool to have a risk-reward situation for keeping the guardian alive, but i think loosing his items is too big a risk for some encounters (anything endgame) i mean its not like i am using super expensive items on him but its painfull to rebuild him buying 5 uniques is boring and not related to the skill perse.

So to summarize:

- really cool gem with unique functionality
- really annoying risk for having it (aka not a fun risk end up removing him from fights just because is annoying to rebuild)

My suggestions:
Option 1: dont make him loose the items, give him a really long cd (30 mins) or smthing of the sort. still a risk-reward situation (gem needs to be on the slot for the cooldown to run its course)
that way we can risk our guardians into being killed and we will just have to live without him if he gets killed for a while

Option 2: if he gets killed it gets turn into a ghost for a while 30 mins or w/e, removing the gem should not let u reset him in any way, he is dead and he will stay dead and summoned as a ghost if you want to have him back.

Option 3: Once dead u need to sacrifice 5 random uniques to revive him with the same setup it had b4! ok if u want to get rid of random low lvl uniques this is a way to do it?

Option 4: give him some kind of energy, if kept alive u get 1 point per minute, after 100 minutes he gets unsummoned instead of killed if he was going to get killed.

Option 5:make the guardian stick to the player if you let them hit him like that its your problem to rebuild but in the current state i cant do anything to avoid his death if he is trying to tank the strongest atacks in the game xD even with insane life/leech/regen he will not last.

well thats what i can think of for now, its a really cool skill but its kinda annoying to make him miss all the big fights.

Kaskar wrote:
Quark wrote:
Why not let it use any item, and when it dies the items will drop to the ground (bound to you of course) and they cant be used again for the guardian for say, 15 seconds. Or until you pick the items up and drop them.

Even zombies cannot be raised from their corpses again. You want the skill to be broken?
Here's an idea - why not make it a tag - if it's been a guardian equipment before, it can't be used by a guardian again.
oops, wrong thread
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Can we have visible inventory for animateguardian where you can destroy items manualy? Doing animate guardian/weapon and tried to change his weapon but it replaced shield and he started to dualwield. Then gave him new shield and destroyed my new weapon and kept the old one.
Could we please update AG to use triggerable skills from the gear we provide him? It would allow him to be more than just an aurabot and provide some actual depth to the skill.

And/Or allow us to link a melee skill gem to him, so he basically can become a sort of walking totem minion. You could actually use him effectively in a minion build as a damage dealer, and other builds such as ranged and melee attack builds could also potentially benefit with additional build options!
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Had an AG with two dyaduses. Decided to re-gear since the dyadus nerf:

1. Animated a Victario's Charity (Shield)
2. Bought and animated a culling strike weapon ... overwrote the shield I just animated, instead of the 2nd Dyadus.
3. Animated a new Victario's Charity (Shield)... overwrote my culling strike weapon, again instead of the 2nd Dyadus.

This is very odd behavior. The oldest item should be removed, n'est pas?

Can we get some clarification of the code for this process so someone can put it in the wiki and save us all a few headaches?

Alternately, a new system what would allow us to choose which item to overwrite would be lovely. Or even to see which item will be overwritten next.

For the love of god, can we please have a way to open a separate inventory panel for the guardian instead of dropping items on the ground to animate on it? I've lost so many weapons trying to figure out how the hell to make it juggle a shield vs an offhand item and deleted the item I wanted it to keep instead of dual wielding. Please. Please. Please change this.

Scenario: Guardian has WeaponA/Shield. I drop the weapon I want it to use. It overwrites the shield, now dual wielding WeaponA/WeaponB. I buy that shield again thinking it will follow a first in first out line of logic. I animate the shield and it overwrites WeaponB instead of WeaponA. Why would this ever be plausible?

As an alternative to above, a means of inspecting the guardian by clicking its panel and locking items would be great so we don't accidentally overwrite items we want it to otherwise keep on it. This would also let us compare what it has to anything we want to build with it.

With items like Chain of Command in the game, the guardian is a core to at least one build, and this should be resolved when time and assets permit. Please consider.

Thank you!
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Why is animate guardian so god damn noisy now?

I've used a 3L animate guardian for a long time now, using Leer Cast/Victario's Flight/Dying Breath/Ambu's charge for a mini-aura bot, and this league I am about to remove it because he step he takes he makes a really loud noise.

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