Animate Guardian

ggg make AG immortal or VERY close to be immortal pls!
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Either introduce a craft-able prefix/suffix for helmets that gives guardian the ability to use a certain skill gem like cyclone, or an aura etc when animated onto the guardian. Secondly, allow guardians to use ranged weapons (if you equip him with a bow but have a melee skill etc he'd just default auto attack). Gems linked to AG will effect the skill he uses.

Or, perhaps split AG into 3 different Skill Gems meeting archetypes of STR (melee), INT (caster) and DEX (ranged). Each archetype has a set skill set they use etc much like a Golem (say an AOE and single target attack). They reserve 35% mana each to summon; giving a trade off compared to auras etc.

Or a mix of both... either way... I want my damn D2 merc experience in PoE.
Hola buenas tengo una consulta, me puse la gema en el escudo y me salía la habilidad para poder usarla pero me salia como que no se podía usar, y cuando pueda invocarlo como le equipo los items, alguien me dice como realmente puedo crear el guardián?
So theres only 1 real "animate guardian" build and its

"Chains of Command"

This build is quirky but lacks alot of the important qualities that makes a build playable in POE

1. Requires a huge ramp-up with ON KILL EFFECTS

If the animate guardian could spawn weapons on hit with a 10%-20% chance that would actually make the build playable

2. Way too little movement speed

It feels like you need to wear queens escape just to make this build not feel "slow"

The animate weapons and guardian just move way too slow and their aggression radius even with feeding frenzy is tiny

The animate weapons need to have a much larger aggression radius to feel like its worth investing in

3. No scaling from gem levels

Scaling animate guardian barely scales anything and the animate weapons cannot be scaled with levels forcing players to not benefit from the +2 necro node

Overall this skill and animate weapon have alot of potential but its all thrown away sadly and it seems GGG refuses to make them viable/good

Wont be touching the skill again
There should be a way for us to view the Animate Guardian's gear.

I was in a map and I may have accidentally summoned Animate Guardian using random junk gear that fell onto the floor. I couldn't see it because my loot filter had filtered it out so I never mouse-overed it, but I'm unsure whether my Animate Guardian is using the original set I had equipped it.

If I never moused over any items on the floor, does that mean I summoned my default Guardian, or does it not require you to mouse over items on the floor to summon one? Thanks!
Question : If i want to reroll my character (for example from necro to scion) can i give my AG to the scion and the AG will keep the stuff on him ?
So I will try to state my question the most concise possible.

Tags that work with an animate guardian:
- "NEARBY" either enemies or allies (but not party members)?
- "GRANT" items that grant an effect that doesn't need to be cast (1s cast like Gorgon's Gaze Grants Level 20 Petrification Statue Skill) on the other hand does items skills with reserved mana like Aspect of the spider from Fenumus' Weave do work?
- "YOU" does the "you" tag considers the "you" as the animated guardian? like in Sign of the Sin Eater Enemies inflict Elemental Ailments on you instead of nearby Allies?
- "STATS" what are the animated guardian stats does it has str/dex/int/mana for items like Mask of the Tribunal? Nearby Allies have (2-4)% increased Cast Speed per 100 Intelligence you have?

I think this covers it, its a complicated gem and very interesting design.

Best regards
What if Animate Guardian was a support gem?

It turned attached skill into a mana reservation summon that uses that skill like blasphemy and you can't use that skill, and functions like "Animate Guardian deals (40-31)% less Damage with Supported Skills".

Minion support skills don't effect Mana Reservation Multiplier, but any other type of supports would.

I keep coming back to it, it's my favorite skill yet it's so trash and neglected.

Also ditch the Templar clunky animations, and give it a smokey ghost body instead of invisible.
Sorry if it was answered, but: if i put minion modifier items on my guardian, like a bone helmet that give minion damage or bloodbound that give % increase max life to minions, will all my minions also benefit from those mods? It should work but my highly evolved 6th sense tell me it won't...
i checked my animated guardian if it's still alive before leaving the game last night since my friend wasn't able to summon his animated guardian all of a sudden and thought it somehow died without his notice. but when i tried to summon mine today, i wasn't able to summon too. i'm sure it wasn't killed and there's nothing effecting the gem to prevent summoning.

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