Animate Guardian

The loss of equipment component of AG feels completely pointless. Builds that use the gem seem to boost the survivability such that it ?almost? never dies.

However, for SSF, it makes the ability somewhat unusable. And I suspect that for GGG it's something that causes unnecessary support problems (the game thinks my AG died, but it didn't!!!!).

IMHO, if the ability needs a downside, it should be something more logical (a large timeout or maybe it starts with 20% health when resummoned and slowly regains health or ?something?).

Longer-term, it feels like AG is a half-way house to a full hireling system. It feels like this would be a huge gain for melee players, but also (potentially) a huge income stream for GGG (selling hireling skins/voicesets etc).
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Needs to be immune or way higher health as the micromanagement is very inconsistent with other gems. + the risk involved - it shouldn't be able to die easily or it just makes it a very unpleasant skill to use.
I'd like to be able to have multiple AG's on the one character.
Not active at the one time of course.

But if I want to test something else out, I can't change the AG gear without having to create a new character, progress through the acts or spend a ton of currency to re-gear it, and then replace the original...

Perhaps a way to feed the AG multiple items, and then pick what it uses. As it's bound to your character, you can't trade it, so what would the issue here be?
edit: Wrong skill. In the words of GGG: "Whoops"
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Making a build where my animated guardian kills all of the content, however faced with a wall that does not have many ladders. Called corrupting blood. Even with a health pool of 20k a pack of blue monsters in tier 5 map kill him almost instantly. There is some small ways of going around this like getting death's door boots or using umbilicus immortalis belt. But both awkward and very build restricting.

Normal bleed is not a issue due to the Indomitable army node. As this is really only a issue on a minion with "peerma death" it would be nice to see some solution to this. Immunity to corrupting blood on another piece then jewels perhaps? Helmet enchantment for AG? Make the of animation flask mod make all effects of the flask apply to minion so you can get staunching that way. Or change the indomitable army to make minions straight up immune/unaffected to/by bleeding.


If interested the character is called "Sja_AGIL" On this account, should be public for import to pob <3
Sjatar wrote:
Making a build where my animated guardian kills all of the content, however faced with a wall that does not have many ladders. Called corrupting blood...

Hey dude, just so you know there's also another skill that makes all your minions semi-immune to all bleed effects - the Bone Armour skill for Necromancers. Makes you and minions immune to bleeding upon use. Unfortunately it won't do something for non-Necromancer builds but is something worth keeping in mind.

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