Animate Weapon

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Balance & Design
Last bumped on Nov 7, 2020, 4:17:23 PM
VanguardUa wrote:
Another option - make it automatically pick first nearest identified weapon which is near your cursor, and auto-summon it. Same as summon zombies mechanic.
This is planned, but is somewhat challenging both because of the code needing to handle the guardian (which needs to not have this behaviour) and the fact that there's a lot more checks that have to be done on items compared to corpses.

VanguardUa wrote:
2. Range of summoning should be increased. You don't need to run across the screen to the corpse of zombies just to summon it. Same should apply here.
No. This is necessarily short to prevent griefing - if someone is trying to run up to an item to pick it up, you shouldn't be able to animate it unless you legitimately got there first. You have to get to items to pick them up, you also have to get to them to use them up.

VanguardUa wrote:
3. Minions should persist and stay with you when you change zones. The duration of them should be also saved. (e.g. 30 sec left -> stays 30 sec when you change zones). Unless it's a town or hideout, then the timer should pause.
This is both wrong conceptually (area transitions inherently represent the passage of an arbitrarily long amount of time, timed effects intentionally cannot transition) and impossible (timed effects will time out while being created in the area).

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