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Hi !!
I love Animate Weapon, like China legend, good job.
i have a question, why not melee class? (Animates a melee weapon to fight by your side.)

Chober Chaber
+1 to Level of Melee Gems in this item
not working.

We look forward to amazing for POE.
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Haven't play AW in awhile but the last time I play one thing I really didn't like was to gain momentum each zone.

My suggestion is to have a one time per zone free casts (maybe about 1-5 that would create weapons to the level of the zone or gem's level ability). This would give a rolling start that's not too strong. Also would take away a need for using SRS.

Or have 1-5 permanent standardized weapons that don't die. If this would be easier to code.

Any damage dealing skill should have some ability to be standalone. And as a thematic point, a build type like warrior mage breaks down if you have to use other skills.

Edit: Oh yeah and you go on dry spells for melee weapons. Especially when you play solo.
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A nice passive tree skill would be a permanent animate weapon that does not have a time limit but it limits you to, say, 5 weapons. Put this over by the melee class characters. Also allow yellow or even brown items to animate.
-you loose all ur summoned weapons on changing instance.
-you have to summon every weapon separatedly, and targeting them

-DONT lose ur summoned minions while changing instances, just by time
-AOE: just make the skill AOE, Animates all melee weapons in an AREA to fight by your side.
(since the ammount of weapons is limited by drop, and u still raise all the white weapons you can, this would not increase the power of the skill, but would make it playable.
If AOE is not an option, at least Animate the NEAREST weapon, so you dont have to go reading all the whites searching for weapons(this is tedious after playing for a while).
-unidentified Blue weapon should be "Animateable".
-make it intellect gem, not dex one.Summoners are witches, not rogues.
Besides that, pretty cool skill.
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Today i played a bad version of animate weapon to test it , i mean added it to another summoner build , AND IT FUCKING WORKS LIKE SHIT.

Problem is some boss fights that if you die/ desunc / disconnect / change instance you relog to map , and its gg you and your zombies.

Its soooo great skill , wayy cooool but you have to use it with spectres or srs
i am looking forward for improves in this skill. I really want to make a build based on it, but currently isnt viable.
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Please put some of these suggestions in like easier targeting or AOE targeting.
I'll repost my beta suggestion i suppose.

Give animate weapon a "trap-like" counter of 3 or 4 charges.

These would spawn white zone level appropriate weapons.

The recharge counter of these charges would be 45 seconds.

This enables a player to start every instance with this minimal amount of weapons(3/4) but disable abuses since the recharge counter is to long to actively wait for it.

This skill is highly entertaining but fails in the QoL department. With the addition of "master missions" you only exaggerated this.(since some of them require you to load a new instance)


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Last time I played a hard-core summoner was before Animate Weapon, so up until this weekend I had only tinkered with it, and I was unimpressed.

But I've been running a summoner through Warbands using Animate Weapon.

Holy shit: this skill is absurdly potent if you have any sort of foresight.

My basic strategy is this: as I pass through an area I'll animate most weapons I come across as they drop, but daggers and claws I collect and stick in my stash. By the time I reach a boss I will have accumulated enough daggers and claws to fill my inventory. I return to town, load up, drop them right before entering the boss' area, summon them all, then go in. Combined with my other minions this huge-ass swarm of floating knives tears the boss up. He can't do shit, he dies in seconds!

There seem to be a number of calls for buffing this skill, but it's 100% fine as it is. I'd call it overpowered, frankly: it seems balanced around the assumption that you're summoning the weapons as you go, so the ability to drop weapons from your inventory for a massive squadron breaks the game pretty hard.
I know this wont happen, just something coming to mind.
What if the duration is proportion to the number of weapons?
say, 1 weapon has 100 seconds duration, 2 weapons 90 sec(or second weapon reduce 10 seconds duration), and so on, maybe cap at 30 sec minimum.

the idea is to make it worth it to summon this weapon, and to limit the OPness if someone decided to mass summon it.

the damage is fine imo, but like someone mentioned earlier, to make this skill more melee-friendly, like floating sword from Chinese martial art story. (of course this idea came from me playing ST last night...)

oh yeah, just make it as cool as Vagan's floating sword, that's enough.

also, in tempest of Animation, there is this bow keep shooting at me! yes, make it works on range weapon too!

edit: lol the heck, when reading comments from this page most are saying similar things - permanent/semi perm weapon, melee friendly
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