Animate Weapon

Ok, that does make sense but I still wish AW was more like what you describe. Hope they do something with it at least. Thanks.
lol this skill is dead in delve, nice one.
Dear GGG,

Self cast Animate Weapon is a nightmare to use. You have to specifically hover over items you want to cast it on.
Could you please make it work in an AoE? It can be small, it can be channeled.
But just anything other than having you show items on the ground, hover over it, then click.
It has no flow at all like this. It forces you to use cast when channeling with it. I doubt that is intended.

Best Regards
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bobogianna wrote:
lol this skill is dead in delve, nice one.

Yes but there is always the unique chest chain of command. It's quite good.
can't find answer.. maybe any1 can help me.
have 2 sources for AW.
1st chain of command
2nd Jorrhast's Blacksteel

here a question. is 50 aw limit for both or for each?
chain of command use AG weapon for spell, Jorrhast's Blacksteel random weapon on ground
ign - mardenkainen
ok ggg can you please chance your league mechanics ? couse last 2 season was animate weapon just pure trash if all weapons drops after you kill everythink !! like delve you runn the complead way and not a single item drop then if you finish every thinks drop but then you dont need it or swap the area ........ RIP Animate weapon !!!!!!
Been doing a couple of practice leveling runs in preparation for my 3.5 AW starting char. Animated weapons early on are WAY too squish. Like they get one shot by almost every boss.

Hopefully the devs still check out these threads.
problem with AW
for me is
1. if all weapon got killed or time out = you lost 1 portal to back to town & buy weapon or get stocked weapon
& even you come back if you start Animate Weapon map boss will go to attack you & can destroy you weapon again with some skill

2. you lost all AW if change map

need unique or rework like
AW have no duration
AW are persist
AW have more maximum life
AW limit reduce to 10-20 instead of 50
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I have been seriously thinking about this skill while other skills have getting Reworked recently.

A couple of idea's me and my room mate have had.

1. Make it so every 5 of skill level you get a non-expiring weapon that follows you from zone to zone(Like a Specter).

2. Have a way to summon non-pickupable weapons with a jewel or something with Blade Rain that you can animate for free weaker weapons to get you started each map? (Something like this would help for Delve and Other instances where items drop at the end)

3. Unique weapon you can summon a Phantom copy of the weapon with rolls appropriate for build? I'm thinking kinda like the Dervish sword but it functions the same as a normal animate weapon instead.

4. This could be kinda weird, Could also maybe consume corpses with Animate Weapon via a Threshold Jewel that makes bone weapons or a Vaal skill version?

I really do love this skill and with each Expansion/Update I keep hoping to see some love for it and keep getting disappointed.

Please GGG hear our prayers show this skill some love :)
Please, please give us something! increase the health, give them avoidance, something! almost every skill is powerful on its own, yet I need to jump through a billion hoops just to get AW on the level as SRS AND deal with manually summoning weapons and having half of my inventory lined with weapons just to play. Please this skill has been dead for so many leagues, make it at least playable in legion.

I propose adding animate weapon to "soul weaver" necromancer node.
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