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There should be an animate weapon unique that grants IIQ. It should be restricted to AW so it doesn't get abused. It could be restricted to white items too, as white weapons are crucial to this skill. I have more than 100% IIQ and I still struggle to get enough white weapons on maps that rolled with low quantity.

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So I want to state I've never played Animate Weapon, however I might have a solution to a problem of not having weapons to animate on the ground.

I kind of came up with this idea after the recent Baeclast podcast on Blight League.

So instead of requiring a weapon on the ground 100% of the time, you re-animate a copy of the last used weapon. (Or from a random pool of all previously used weapons.)

So if I only animate one weapon, and try to recast the skill without another weapon targeted, it will re-animate a copy of the previous weapon (or a random one from previously used ones). (Overwriting any previous existing weapon due to maximum summon limit.). Thus I can have X copies of a single weapon used.

This helps with using unique weapons, if one wanted to do such a thing, so you can constantly refresh the duration of that weapon. So one might be able to use a single type of weapon for an entire zone (provided they don't leave the map?), as long as they can refresh the duration.

People actually using the skill might want to use multiple different types of weapons, or whatever they can find, so being able to refresh durations or re-use certain weapons will provide a big benefit.

This solution doesn't rely on buffing item quantity or is not dependent on item quantity being adjusted in the future. So nerfing drop rates will never heavily effect the skill being used. Animate Weapon has been clunky in this regard, and finding a way to change this for the future might be beneficial.
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Another league where AW is dead. Not supporting the game until you fix this skill.
Another league where AW is dead. Not supporting the game until you fix this skill.

Heres thing you could do, add a mechanic where animated weapons return to being a white item once it dies or the duration runs out. with, lets say, a 20% chance and then allow us, through various means, to invest in this to a maximum of like 80%+ drop chance similar to a zombie or golem build.

Another would be to decrease the number of weapons and let us, like other summoner builds, to invest to increase the number of weapons and then add a vaal version where you instantly summon 50%+ of your maximum allowed animated weapons.

Or add a unique item that passively drops weapons you cant loot or otherwise interact with, or a skill gem that, like desecrate spawns "corpse weapons" so we wouldn't have to carry around a ton of weapons.

You might read this(or not) and say "they just want the OP chaos animate weapon from breach back" while I just want an alternative to spectres, zombies, skeles, golems and SRS - all of which have gone through radical changes, and been buffed in-line with most other skills through various means, while animate weapon is stuck in the past, almost like you want it to be this clunky niche build.
bobogianna wrote:

Heres thing you could do, add a mechanic where animated weapons return to being a white item once it dies or the duration runs out.

great idea my AW friend
So far the animate weapons interact well with "defensively" and "Aggressive" gems that enable that nature.

I'm using Animate weapon with Necromancer that went for Mistress of Sacrifice which increases the duration of how long the weapons stay up for a huge amount of time. It may not clear as fast as other skills or hit as hard but it works as a ramp skill. It also has good uses even against bosses - Just grab couple of rare weapons off the floor, ID them and pop those weapons up for a huge boost to single-target DPS.

Of course it takes long to clear anything but the skill functions. A change I would have to the skill is clear sounds and effects as to when you animated a weapon - Maybe a small shimmer? I also suppose you could make self-casting the skill more... useful? As it's current state, if anyone is using Animate Weapon it's with Spell Totem. You could always take off the Spell Totem before fighting a boss to drop the rare weapons for animation... But like I stated the casting on it's own is a bit tedious.

You could make it so Animate Weapon self casting would show a circle field around the user and every second a weapon around the user would be animated. The circle would have a duration just so it doesn't have to be an aura-skill with mana reservation...

You could also try to make it an Area of effect cast where when you self cast, it casts in an area indicated by a circle and all weapons in that area become animated...

You could also try keeping the name-lock casting but make it a sort of chain reaction? When you name-lock cast Animate Weapon on a weapon that weapon would be able animate other weapons on the floor but use your mana pool every time they cast which would be an instant cast to not interrupt the pacing of the animated weapons themselves.

I honestly think the skill works and just needs some quality of life rather than a full rework.

Hi guys

I tried chains of commands build in 3.9, i leveled up to 70 with AW and zombies. I usually use AW for leveling my summoners since a long time, it's just fun for me maybe i'm crazy or something lol. And because i wanted to try the new chest chains of command i gave it a go.

It's a bit amazing that even though this body armor is kind of new, the skill still is so bad in end game. Actually it's not bad, it's just broken as it just doesn't work for some "random" reason to me.

I have to put a tabula instead of chains of command as soon as I encounter a boss with a nasty invul phase (usually some long intro speech), or if it just decide to take away my weapons when i enter a new zone, or if i die and zone out. Some of the boss like Izaro have both... And i need to do the fight with zombies and 2 specters in the tabula because i'm not specced for those... It's so lame.

It's crazy that you can't come up with a fix for this skill, it's in the game for so many years for fuck sake!!!

So my suggestion, give a min number of weapons that will always be with you, i dunno like 5, those can die but will reappear if you zone in/out. Give it a longer duration, especially since you nerfed the number of weapons you can have anyway, why is the duration still so bad (at least on the unique chest). I have all the duration nodes + all the freaking duration from summoner ascendancy nodes and still they disappear like nothing as soon as i need to fix my inventory or even loot slower... Why always force us to zoom zoom, it's pretty tiresome for the wrist and god help us never get a frozen shoulder or something!

Last stop the damn timer when you have a unique nearby, for god sake or have it create weapon copies with a small chance on hit unique mobs, anything...

Sorry for the rant, hope it can help.
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"The damage multiplier on Animate Weapon was not applying to the minion's damage at all. Whoops! Because of this, the skill has been rebalanced."

I've been trying to make animate weapon happen for so long. Can I sue for emotional damages? Jesus fucking christ.
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1)Can you remove the tag 'Duration' from skill gem, because if i'll enter the every map, i MUST to resummon 'Lingering blades' from Bladefall all the time. This is very annoying feature.

2)Or you should rework spawn mechanic for 'Lingering blades', if i spawned it from 'Bladefall', or 'Ethereal knives', after i could to summon in one time MAX count of blades.

PLS rework it!!!!!!
Fix this atrocious AI, buff health and basically all other stats - these tissue paper piñatas are a joke as is.

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