Animate Weapon

I pushed my AW gemlevel to 31 so I can summon 20 Weapons. On juiced up Endgame maps (tier 15/16) with Delirium and Blight I need to do it around 3 times and it is a true pita.

AW is a really cool gem and build, since you are independent from actual drops now, but the quality of life of the build is beyond miserable.

Please give the gem the "summon skeleton" treatment so we can summon multiple weapons with one cast. A healthy buff in duration wouldn't hurt either, please keep in mind that most people do additional content and not "just the map" (master missions, zana mods, scarabs, etc.)

Another quality of life upgrade would be a way to set AW gem to only target ranged weapons if you use Spirit Guards. Maybe this can be achieved as soon as it is linked to a projectile support? If you use regular and ranged AW it is very finicky to target the right weapons for the right setup.
Someone know if the total number or animate weapon is shared with "animate guardian's weapons" of chain sof command? or it can be 14 from animate weapon lv 20 + 13/14 from chains of command?
Now that the skill can be used with lingering blades how about treating the minions from actual items like the animate guardian minion? (except one minon per item instead of one minion with many items ofc)
I wish AW was more simple like spectres or zombies with no base duration, where you summon a couple(but powerful and tanky) animated weapons that fight for you. Atm It´s way too complicated, clunky and not fun to play with at all. Peace.
One of the worst skills mechanic-wise.
Basically you're playing Summon Skeleton, but instead of summoning 4~5 at once, you summon it one at a time, and have relatively short duration and very frail.

Even if you scale your duration to 100+ secs it still feels absolutely terrible playing it since every time you enter a map, you have to summon 14~16 blades.

If the AW is unkillable, then maybe it can justify such clunky mechanic, but the truth is any aoe can easily kill them in one blue in end game.

Don't get me started the damage of these AW are also mediocre at best. If you want QoL from it, you'd have to sacrifice one link for it, making the already low dps even lower.

One of the builds I swear I would never play it again before a full rework.
One of the worst mechanic skill of any game I've ever played.
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Change it to a blue gem. It is so awkward as dex gem and it doesn't really make any real sense.

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