Imo mechanics behind the skill are really good and the only change i would make would be +1 chain on lvl 10 , +2 on 15 , +3 on 20 . Balance wise , either dmg should be a bit higher or mana cost a bit lower , increasing cast speed wouldnt really help ppl with mana problems , unless the plan was to force ppl to use mana leech with it from the very beginning.
Russell wrote:
StimpsonH wrote:
I really dislike the fact that it can bounce off of pots and other breakables. It's a waste of chains if you happen to be fighting mobs in an area with lots of breakables.

Also +1 to the chain increase over levels.

Hmm when me and Jonathan talked about the skill during its creation. The Skill was meant to prioritise enemy's over chests. As I was originally the one who said "Ited be handy if you could chain lightning the pots and barrels instead of having to run over and kick them. Wait no that would be bad because it would end up hitting chests in tight spaces a lot of the time.". Sounds like this mechanic is just causing pains though!. Oh noes : <

In some case this chain on breakable item is good. i was fighting one mob and arc hit him twice because it hits the pots beside him
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I definitely agree that the prioritization for the chaining needs work. I'd prefer that it target higher-level mobs first, then lower, then objects, but I think it needs to be on a per-bounce basis. Example:

Facing 3 mobs consisting of 2 normal and 1 blue, the first attack should target the blue, the first bounce should target the closest normal, and then the second bounce should once again target the blue.

Same thing if you have objects near a mob. If there's just one mob near some objects, it should target the mob first, then chain to an object, since there's no other mob to target, but the second bounce should once again prioritize the mob.

So each attack/bounce will make its prioritization independently of the previous attack/bounce. Does that make sense?
Last edited by BaggerX on Nov 3, 2012, 5:14:46 PM
I haven't used this yet, but I've been following the feedback since its release. Makes sense, Bagger, +1 for your suggestion. Don't have to use the spell to see why it makes sense ;)
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L23 summoner witch here, and I wouldn't say it used that much mana, but it could be clarity skewing things, I've got quite a lot of mana regen behind it
If this is going to be a problem to fix then please just remove the ability to target objects. Its a cool feature but if its going to cause any issues whatsoever then it should just be removed.
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iamstryker wrote:
If this is going to be a problem to fix then please just remove the ability to target objects. Its a cool feature but if its going to cause any issues whatsoever then it should just be removed.

Agree with this too. If the kind of smart targeting that i was talking about can't be done, then just not targeting objects at all would be preferable. Can use some other skill for that. Although I've found that shock nova is a real pain to use for breaking objects due to the donut hole. I've almost given up on it entirely since it's so difficult to target.
Just got Arc and I want to say that the feel on this spell is great. It has a very nice look and feel to it. Like it a lot but would like to see these targeting issues ironed out.
Hm, I like the way it's working to be honest.
Lightning has a very random feeling to it, Arc does further increase this by targeting not only mobs.
And I really don't see the problem if your first to Arcs destroy some pots. It's not like it takes ages to fire another spell.
Sometimes you can use this strategically too with a mob running away, or a far away mob that you can only hit through chaining through a pot on it's way. Or simply by having one strong mob come at you which can be hit repeatedly because there are objects around so it can chain back to the enemy.
Please don't change it to never target objects.
CliveHowlitzer wrote:

I am now too addicted to that feeling of being kicked in the nuts when you die.
Well the problem is not the fact that they target objects, but that they can do so before targeting monsters. I agree it would actually be a nerf to the spell if it could never target objects anymore, I don't wish to see that. Just want to make sure it prioritizes monsters.

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