Whats your experience in PvP thus far?

I'm a lvl 23 Spork Summoner (not twinked out, only like 200 life and 200 ES all defensive nodes)

I've had a few fights, in two of them I got completely obliterated, in two (against the same guy) it was a lop-sided/balanced fight, in one I completely demolished the other guy.

In one, I fought a guy (GG_something) that out-regened my damage and would 2-5 shot me if i let him get close to me. My minions were the only way I could outdue his regen, but he could just AoE them down then chase/trap me down. I could not stand and fight him or kite fight him due to temporal chains. His skills were Temp chains, lightning strike, phase run, fireball with the fire-staff linked to a bunch of gems (I think LMP + Fork), + bear trap. I tied a few rounds by timeout, and got killed the rest. He complimented me on my running skills :P, saying it was hard to predict where to throw bear trap to tie me down. But yeah, as soon as bear trap got me, DEAD AS DOOR NAIL!

The other was that I got horribly outdone by another Spork mage (SparkandAww?), srsly, dead in like 2-5 sparks/arcs + conductivity. Could not fight him nor could my summons challenge him. Twas not a fun match up, although, I forgot to switch to my lightning res rings after the first round, so that might have helped out in the match up.

The more 'even' ish fight was against a resolute technique shield charging templar with tempest shield and (anger?), I think he used cleave/heavy/double-strike, I forget his name, I won both sets. If he got on me, I was dead, he made that VERY apparent by chain-stunning me dead a few times in both sets. If he couldn't get on me, then I could beat him easily by minion/totem cockblock + arc/spark kiting. Although it was tough on one map with a lot of spots he could hide behind to avoid arc, in such situations I summoned skeletons next to where he was hiding to force him to fight them or move. I'd also make circle laps around a pillar or crevice while fighting him, trying to get him to get caught on my minions to gain me some distance. There was definitely some desync issues during the fight, for and against both of us.

The final one... um... was against a lvl 16 witch when I was lvl 23. It wasn't even close to a fair fight :(. (I had also obtained elemental weakness!)
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Well.... my first experience was that i waited for a long time to get into PvP.

Then once i finaly got into PvP, i was playing on arena that looked like ship graveyard.

I had a staff templar on legacy, he was far from a PvP char and had some bad gear. He was lvl 24.

First pvp ever was against a shadow. I thought i was going to get completely owned because my character was not made for pvp and because my gear was far from the best. (But still pretty good though.)

The result of the matach was that i attack the shadow with glacical hammer, and he simply died in 1 hit.

That repeated itself, while he was trying to skirmish me with fire traps and stuff.

Then i came up against another shadow... The same thing as before happend....

BUT THEN. i came up against a ranger, dual wielding weapons. Now it was my turn to get one shotted in 5 rounds.

Then i came up against a shadow who one shotted me.

Then i came up against a wierd duelist who used glacical hammer and tempest shield. He 2 shotted me.

Then i wanted to play merciless pvp.

My lvl 69 witch summoner that foucses on skeleton spamming for PvP reasons (while good in PvE aswell.)

I cant remmember all my fights with her in the right order, but i came up against a flame totem templar that was 5 levels higher than me, and he got destroyed by my skeletons. He also thought that my curses (temporial chains+ vulnerability were nooby.)

The thing i remmember the most was a guy that i just keept being put together with in pvp.... a duelist who used etheral knives. He won most of the time, but it was a very fun fight, and if i get more defense and better minions i could prob. defeat him. I played like 1 hour with that guy.

Then i remmember a very funny fight... i came up against a witch who only used totems. This turned out to be a retarded duel ( summons only vs totem only.) The totems used ice spear with multiple projectiles. I also had a totem that used frost wall. The duel was very bizare. We could simply not get close to each other, and the game was lagging like hell due to 2197321931 exploding minions and my totem spamming frost wall everywhere.

Then i remmember a strange witch that used traps only + freezing pulse. Very bizare. The traps also seemed to crit alot of the times, so i quess it could have been a cold crit build that just used traps. Very nice idea i must say. That witch kinda destroyed me, but i did kill her once or twice.

However i came up against this witch twice, and i juuust managed to win the second time.

Then there were a bunch of duels where i just one shotted the other players.. those are kinda boring.

I remmember a realy boring duel where i just tried to hunt down a very tanky marauder that was only running away.

I also played with a friend, who is a ranger. Also very fun duels.

Taking into account some of my own pvp experiences here. (I'll post my more memorable experiences.) All of the characters used are legacy characters with lvls 62-67.

I remember facing a Marauder that had some reeeally insane attack speed and owning me hard. It outdid my own 2handsword Ranger by permaknocking me with his heavy strike that had a faster attack speed than my heavy strike.

I also remember facing off against Petrov's character, Petrovina. I think it was a dual-wield ranger utilizing traps and lightning strike. I faced him with my Fire-based Ranger and is my closest win/matchup to date. (5:4 me:him) My flame totem and fire traps + elemental weakness really did a lot of my work for me, with Burning Arrow and explosive arrow doing the rest of it. (lots of kiting as well)

I also remember facing off against a lvl 61 summons/melee Templar. Destroyed him utterly (5:0 me:him) with my main Ranger who's repetoire of arrow skills are elemental based backed up by Temporal Chains on a totem. The first round he tried summoning and they got destroyed by my lightning arrow/poison arrow. The next few rounds went this way: rush to him, cast Temporal chains totem, shoot arrows, and dodge. Several times he got close to me and stunned me quite a bit with Shield charge or heavy strike, but I'd outdo him in damage and attack speed.

Safe to say, I've noticed that Temporal Chains owns a lot. Almost every build has a hard counter or counters. Attack speed for melee characters is more important than DPH. Very rarely would the match turn to a close one like the matchup with Petrovina. It's either you get dominated or you dominate, and believe me I've been owned far more than I've won.
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Playing a level 28 sword and board Duelist, I mostly die but I've gotten a few wins here and there, I'm guessing mostly against people who made crappy PvP builds because I mostly get one shotted.

But on the ones I won it was usually pretty close I just had a slight advantage, mostly from using viper strike.

I'm still using a few crappy blues so I need to get some better equips and higher quality gems and I might stand a chance against some of the better builds.

Though some templar with a volls just one/two shotted me like crazy, couldnt even hit the dude, was a little ridiculous.

PoE 2 is actually happening :D
I really like 28 pvp, since I don't have any high characters on default and I deleted all my legacys all I do now is build characters for pvp.

I love the whole "Fight" interface.

The only thing I'm missing is, well players.
More people should do pvp. Especially 3v3. It's not hard to find 1on1 but a whole team for 3v3 is almost impossible.

I mean with ~1 Month left before OB why would anyone want to reach endgame instead of tweaking a pvp character, grinding gear for it and using up all their wealth for perfect items?
Besides races it's the only thing worth doing before wipe, so I hope more people are considering pvp.

Edit Nov.08

Okay after playing a bit more PvP I get this feeling:

There is a very heavy rock paper scissor system going on.

I build myself a pure evasion/block ranger with acrobatics and phase acrobatics.
It works pretty fine, and is still in its early build up.
But when I tried it out a marauder with Resolute Technique just choped me down no problem.

Also things like Chaos Inoculation prevent builds that rely on viper strike.
I don't say it's impossible for these builds to win against these characters, but it surely is waaaay harder.

I don't know how or if this should be fixed, but for example what's the point in evasion if you can get RT and ignore it? Because of that I have almost no defense for this. The drawback isn't even that big, never crit? Well If you have a huge ass hammer with probably 300dps you'll chop me down in 2-3 hits anyways...

I think if pvp is going to be something players are doing a lot then there needs to be some sort of solution for that, since these special abilities really mess up builds a lot. Or at least make them unusable.
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