Shield Charge and Evasion characters

So I tried to PvP with my pure evasion/full acrobatics ranger (with ability to switch co close combat via viper strike).

I noticed that while I was able to dodge quite a lot of attacks, many of my strenght-aligned opponents noticed that I'm full evasion character, and started to simply use shield charge on me.

And I cannot evade such attack - we all know, that it cannot miss, and it's damage even at 0 range is simply the standard damage of the enemy. This one skill, and all my defences are gone (except for HP, but the enemy has more of it, and has regen, hey marauders for the win).

Sure I can kite it endlessly doing no damage, but that's not the purpose. If I try to shoot in between charges, my projectiles will rarely hit, because of flying time.
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