Suggestion for finding teams / 1v1 duel in PVP

Hi, i just have one suggestion that i noticed might help a bit.. Ever since pvp was released global chat is a mess.. people just spamming looking for teams or 1v1 duel..

"level 27 looking for pvp" "level 65 looking for pvp team"


GGG can we please find a solution to this?..i don't feel as if making a forum page for finding duels will work because nobody will take the time to post, (or think it will update fast enough)

the layout could be similar to the notice board, having tabs for party/players in que/players searching for party

so if you are looking for a party go to the notice board and add yourself to the list so everyone can see who is looking for a party.. once the party is assembled click "Join"
and it will remove you from the "players searching for party tab" and place you in the "players in que tab" untill the battle begins..

i didn't put much thought into this it just popped into my head, but i really hope for any solution to reduce global spam, any thoughts?
Nobody thinks this, or a similar idea is a good one? any reasons why
Hmm, is there any reason why using the noticeboard itself when looking for pvp groups wouldn't work? You can just have your message set as looking for a team member or group?
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