Need help? Please read this. [Rules for Technical Support section]


Before you reply to a thread or make a new thread, please read the following:

- Bumping threads -

If you're experiencing a problem, please don't bump similar threads saying you have the same problem.
Instead, provide us with the required information in a new thread and we'll be able to help you more concisely.

- Disconnection issues / latency / "lag" / de-sync problems -

Please include a trace route to the server you're playing on; a guide for this can be found here:

Specify what connection type you're using, wireless / ethernet, and if you've tried different computers/connections and if you've tried different cables/drivers etc.

- In-game crashes -

If you're crashing in-game and it's reproducible then any information or videos on the steps you take is very useful in us finding and fixing these cases. These can also be posted in Bug Reports.

- Game crashes / PC reboots / Blue Screens (BSOD) -

Please include a DxDiag report; a guide for doing this can be found here: Link

Include a screenshot of your hardware's temperatures while playing.
A free program that does this can be found here:

Details if you've tried different drivers, or hardware.

- Unlock Codes / "You are logging in from a different location." -

These are sent anytime we detect a different IP address accessing your account.
If you have a Dynamic IP address, it may change daily.

If you email us at we can discuss this further, along with other options.

- Account issues / Change email address / Lost characters -

These will need to be handled via email for security reasons.
Our address is

For technical support, please contact us at

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