[28]Voll's baptism

Anything planned for it ? it's been discussed before, obviously it seemed ok while alpha testing as it made it through, but I'm having trouble to manage anything as any hit is up to 200 - 300 dmg under granite flask with a pool of hp/es under 1000
combined with flicker strike, if the marauder goes within the range, you're dead in 2 - 3 hits and he doesn't even have to aim at you
I can win some rounds, even some matches, but between flicker & temporal chains, any voll's baptism matchup is pretty dull

edit: if you freeze someone when they start the animation on flicker strike, they can tp from more than 1 screen
edit2: flicker strike goes through frost wall
Last edited by Pam on Nov 2, 2012, 10:10:35 AM

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