[28] PvP Feedback - Detailed

To qualify myself,

I have only lost twice so far (to the same person) out of about 10 different (1v1) matches. I have played more then 10 times but those are the "unique" encounters so to speak. I have played a few 3v3's as well. I have always been primarily a PVP-er and have always focused on PVP in everygame played. I have played Runescape, D2, Halo (1-Reach and was "pro" in Halo 2), Mythos(Redbana not Ping0), D3, Wow (Vanilla and BC only).

My character is a "twink" lvl 28 Shadow with high Hp/armor/ES/Evasion. I use Dual strike with a dagger/claw and have over 500dps with atk speed of .5. Also use Flicker Strike primarily as well. I have only lost due to RT which dominates my defences.

Just wanted to "qualify" these opinions.

Observation 1) I absolutely DOMINATE (1-2 shot) any player below my level. Its absolutely stupid. I run around them and only spam my non supported Whirling Blades (horrible DPS) for fun and they keel over dead.
Recommendation 1) The power difference between a lvl 27 and 28 is HUGE (new item tier?) This should be lessened somehow to give a more "fair" playing field for people in the same lvl bracket.

Observation 2) I like to do things while "Qued" for PVP but when a match is found I get auto transported to the arena.

Recommendation 2) Give us an "Accept" button that allows players to finish what they are doing before teleporting to the arena. I once mis-clicked a skill gem and it put my Dual strike in my stash and I had to use viper strike (which I luckily had in my bag).

Observation 3) PvP is extremely fast paced and even with equally matched players, the round can be over within seconds. The more fun duels I have had are ones that require a little strategy and last longer, maybe kiting was involved. Maybe skill swapping/Item swapping mid fight, etc (you get the picture)

Recommendation 3) It seems the damage done in PVP is not scaled very well with certain abilities. Even with my high HP/ES/Evasion/armor I can almost insta die if I am not careful. Maybe increase the damage reduction in PVP making each fight a "longer" more drawn out battle. NOT by alot, but just a little. This puts more "strategy" and skill into the match versus just a pure gear fest.

Observation 4) I use way different flasks in PVE then in PVP. I typically use 2 Hp flasks and 3 mana flasks for PVE and fair fine. I swap out and use all life flasks in PVP, sometimes one mana flask.

Recommendation 4) If the battle is a little more "drawn out" I think this will solve the problem since it makes resource management more important. I think Rec. 3 would address this and while I realize PVP IS different then PVE, I also think it kind of stupid to not have to have SOME balance there...

Observation 5 (last one for now) The PVP Ques for 1v1 are WAY less then 3v3. I have much more fun in 1v1 since it requires more strategy and seems less of a "WTF fest" then 3v3 matches. I would play more but there is such a huge (call it luck or skill factor here) in having teammates that focus fire one target. I can drop a geared target in a few hits, imagine 3 of me hitting the same guy with a Phase run flicker strike. Its almost insta-death.

Recommendation 5) 2v2s would be HUGELY successful as a balance between 1v1 and 3v3. Most people have a friend they would love to 2v2 with. I dont know why this isnt implemented. Along with this recommendation. having a damage scaling factor that reduces the damage output based upon the number of players in the game. So in 1v1 the modifier would be nothing. In 2v2 it would be reduced by say 15% and in 3v3 say 25%? This would encourage more "team" play and skill and I really think it would make more players wanting to play PVP.

What do you guys think? I realize this is low lvl pvp and the game changes ALOT later on, but this is what I noticed...
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